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Watch Geostorm in Japan: Your Complete Guide to Finding and Streaming the Blockbuster Movie

Watch Geostorm in Japan: Your Complete Guide to Finding and Streaming the Blockbuster Movie

Susan Kirk
Susan Kirk
June 23, 2023

Welcome to our guide on how to stream the thrilling disaster film, "Geostorm" in Japan! In this article, we will be exploring all the different ways you can watch this action-packed movie. If you're a fan of disaster movies with a sci-fi twist, then "Geostorm" is definitely a must-watch.

The movie takes place in the near future where climate-controlling satellites malfunction and cause a storm of epic proportions that threatens to destroy the world. The plot revolves around a satellite designer who is tasked with saving the world from this catastrophic event. Starring Gerard Butler, Jim Sturgess, Abbie Cornish, Ed Harris, and Andy García, this film is packed with suspense, action, and a great storyline that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

So, if you're ready to dive into the world of "Geostorm," keep reading to find out all the different ways to stream it in Japan.

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Streaming Services That Offer "Geostorm" in Japan

If you're ready to watch "Geostorm," you're in luck! The movie is currently available on several streaming services in Japan, including:

  • Amazon Prime
  • Netflix
  • Netflix: with ads
  • U-NEXT

If you have any of these services, all you need to do is open up your streaming app, search for "Geostorm," and start watching right away!

However, if you don't have any of these services, don't worry. You may still be able to unlock "Geostorm" using your existing streaming subscription(s). Keep reading to find out how.

"Unlock the Storm with ExpressVPN"

Don't have any of the streaming services that offer "Geostorm" in Japan? No problem! With ExpressVPN, you can easily unlock the movie using your existing streaming subscription(s) and login.

Here are some streaming services that have "Geostorm" available in other countries:

  • HBO Max (USA, Spain)

All you need to do is download ExpressVPN, connect to a server in the country where "Geostorm" is available on your preferred streaming service, and log in with your existing account. It's that easy!

For example, if you have an HBO Max subscription but are currently in Japan, simply connect to an ExpressVPN server in the USA, log in to your HBO Max account, search for "Geostorm," and start watching. It's like you're streaming from the USA, even though you're physically located in Japan.

So, what are you waiting for? Get ExpressVPN today and start unlocking "Geostorm" and other great movies and shows from around the world!

How to watch Geostorm on Netflix in Japan today

Sign up for ExpressVPN and watch Geostorm on Netflix in Japan in 3 quick steps

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Step 1

Download the ExpressVPN app from the app store and create an account.

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Step 2

Connect to an ExpressVPN server in Germany

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Step 3

Open your Netflix app on your device and enjoy your show!

Rent or Buy "Geostorm" in Japan

If you're still unable to access "Geostorm" using any of the previous methods, don't worry! You can always rent or buy the movie through various platforms in Japan, including:

  • Amazon Prime
  • Apple iTunes
  • Google Play Movies
  • dTV
  • Amazon Prime
  • Apple iTunes
  • Google Play Movies

Simply choose your preferred platform, rent or purchase the movie, and start watching right away. While this may not be the cheapest method, it's a great option if you're unable to access "Geostorm" through any of the previous methods.

So, there you have it! No matter what your situation is, there are several ways to watch "Geostorm" in Japan. Whether you have a streaming subscription, use ExpressVPN to unlock it, or rent/buy the movie, you can enjoy this thrilling disaster film from the comfort of your own home.

The Plot of Geostorm

In the near future, the world is plagued by natural disasters that threaten to destroy humanity. To prevent this, a coalition of nations builds a network of satellites called "Dutch Boy," which can control the weather and prevent catastrophes. Jake Lawson, the chief architect of the project, is removed from his position after a disagreement with the US government over the project's control. Three years later, a satellite malfunctions, causing a deadly heat wave in Hong Kong. Jake is sent to the International Climate Space Station to investigate the malfunction, but he soon discovers that someone has hacked into the system and is using it to create a "geostorm" that could wipe out the entire planet.

With the help of the station's crew and his brother Max, who has taken over Jake's former position, Jake races against time to stop the disaster and save the world. But as they get closer to the truth, they realize that the conspiracy goes deeper than they thought, and that the fate of humanity rests in their hands.

As they battle against rogue government agents, traitors in their midst, and the ticking clock of the self-destruct sequence, Jake and Max must use their skills and ingenuity to outsmart their enemies and prevent the geostorm from destroying everything they hold dear. Will they succeed, or will the world be doomed to destruction? Watch Geostorm to find out!

Ready to watch Geostorm now?

It's really simple! Here's what you do:

  1. Head to ExpressVPN and sign-up
  2. Download the app to your phone, TV, tablet, or computer (or all of them)
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It really is that quick!

The Making of Geostorm

Geostorm is a 2017 American science-fiction disaster film directed by Dean Devlin, who also co-wrote and co-produced the film. It was his feature directorial debut, and he drew inspiration for the story from a conversation with his daughter about climate change. The film stars Gerard Butler, Jim Sturgess, Abbie Cornish, Ed Harris, and Andy García, and features stunning visual effects and intense action sequences.

Production on the film began in October 2014 in New Orleans, Louisiana, with an initial budget of $82 million. However, after poor test screenings, $15 million reshoots were conducted in December 2016, under new producer Jerry Bruckheimer, writer Laeta Kalogridis, and director Danny Cannon. During the reshoots, some roles were recast, and new characters were added to the script.

Despite its impressive cast and high production values, Geostorm was met with negative reviews from critics, who criticized its storytelling and visual effects. It also underperformed at the box office, grossing only $221.6 million worldwide against a $120‒130 million budget, resulting in a loss of $71.6 million for Warner Bros. Pictures. Nevertheless, the film has gained a cult following among fans of the disaster film genre.

Geostorm is notable for being the only co-production between Skydance Media and Warner Bros. Pictures to date. It also features a diverse cast, with actors from a wide range of backgrounds and nationalities, reflecting the film's international scope and themes. Despite its mixed reception, Geostorm remains a thrilling and entertaining disaster film that is sure to keep viewers on the edge of their seats.

Cast of Geostorm

Gerard Butler as Jake Lawson

Jake Lawson is the chief architect of the "Dutch Boy" satellite system and the film's main protagonist. Butler is a Scottish actor and producer known for his roles in action films like "300," "Olympus Has Fallen," and "Angel Has Fallen."

Jim Sturgess as Max Lawson

Max Lawson is Jake's younger brother and the new chief architect of the "Dutch Boy" system. Sturgess is an English actor and singer known for his roles in films like "Across the Universe," "21," and "Cloud Atlas."

Abbie Cornish as Sarah Wilson

Sarah Wilson is a Secret Service agent and Max's girlfriend who helps him acquire the kill code for the "Dutch Boy" system. Cornish is an Australian actress and rapper known for her roles in films like "Sucker Punch," "Limitless," and "Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri."

Ed Harris as Leonard Dekkom

Leonard Dekkom is the US Secretary of State who works with Max on the "Dutch Boy" system. Harris is an American actor and producer known for his roles in films like "The Truman Show," "Apollo 13," and "A Beautiful Mind."

Andy García as US President Andrew Palma

Andrew Palma is the President of the United States who becomes embroiled in the conspiracy surrounding the "Dutch Boy" system. García is a Cuban-American actor and director known for his roles in films like "The Godfather Part III," "Ocean's Eleven," and "Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again."

Overall, the cast of Geostorm is an impressive lineup of talented actors from diverse backgrounds who bring their characters to life with intensity and passion. Whether you're a fan of Gerard Butler's action heroics, Abbie Cornish's gritty determination, or Ed Harris's gravitas, there's something for everyone in this thrilling disaster film.

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Surviving the Storm: An Opinion on Geostorm

Geostorm is a disaster movie that tries to do a lot of things at once. It's got a big budget, a star-studded cast, and a plot that promises to save the world from a storm of epic proportions. But unfortunately, it falls short in many ways.

The film's storytelling is disjointed, and the plot feels rushed and underdeveloped. The characters are one-dimensional, and the dialogue is often clichéd and predictable. The visual effects are impressive, but they're not enough to save the film from its other flaws.

However, despite these shortcomings, Geostorm is still an entertaining film that is worth a watch. The action sequences are thrilling, and the film's message about the importance of taking action on climate change is timely and relevant.

Overall, I would rate Geostorm a 3 out of 5 stars. While it's not a perfect film, it's still an enjoyable disaster movie that has its moments. If you're a fan of the genre, it's definitely worth a watch.

If you're interested in watching Geostorm and many other movies and shows, I would recommend signing up for ExpressVPN. With ExpressVPN, you can access Netflix in Germany and unlock a wide variety of content that might not be available in your country. So why wait? Sign up for ExpressVPN today and start streaming your favorite movies and shows!

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