Is Kiss of the Dragon (2001) on Netflix Japan?

Yes, Kiss of the Dragon is available on Netflix in Japan, but did you know you can unlock thousands of movies and shows not currently available in Japan? The release date for Netflix Japan was January 10th 2019, and here are the dates it was released on Netflix in other countries:

  • Netflix Argentina: Released on January 3rd, 2018
  • Netflix France: Released on April 28th, 2017
  • Netflix Canada: Released on April 1st, 2017
  • Netflix Ireland: Released on March 11th, 2015

Check out this sample list of movies you can unlock through American and International Netflix, including "Rumble in the Bronx (1995)", "Face/Off (1997)", and "Outrage (2010)"

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Kiss of the Dragon (2001) on Netflix in Japan

Kiss of the Dragon


A narcotics cop is sent to Paris to help crack a French-Chinese smuggling ring. When the mission goes wrong, he gets embroiled in a vast conspiracy and must race to prove his innocence.

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  • Jet Li
  • Bridget Fonda
  • TchĂ©ky Karyo
  • Max Ryan
  • Ric Young
  • Burt Kwouk
  • Laurence Ashley
  • Cyril Raffaelli
  • Didier Azoulay
  • John Forgeham