What's New on Netflix Japan: New Releases

New Releases for Netflix Japan

This list lets you start with today's releases and then go "back in time" to see previous movie and tv show releases for Netflix Japan.

Is Sunderland 'Til I Die on Netflix Japan?

Sunderland 'Til I Die: Season 1

This docuseries follows English soccer club Sunderland through the 2017-18 season as they try to bounce back after relegation from the Premier League. In Sunderland, soccer and civic pride are intertwined. And a city's resilience is tested as its team sinks in the standings.

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Is Yume wo Ataeru on Netflix Japan?

Yume wo Ataeru: Season 1

Under the watchful eye of her mother, a beautiful girl named Yuko becomes a celebrity. But as her star rises, she’s rocked by scandal and crisis. She's a starlet. She belongs to a ravenous, cruel world. But there's a real girl inside, a girl she never got to know.

Details: Yume wo Ataeru: Season 1

Is The Unbroken on Netflix Japan?

The Unbroken: Season 1

In the face of a national tragedy, an airline labor union leader strives to improve employee working conditions while enduring severe retaliation. His pursuit of improving safety went unanswered, and he won't let the unimaginable tragedy hinder his quest for change.

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Is Contact on Netflix Japan?


When Dr. Ellie Arroway hears a signal being broadcast from outer space, the race is on to interpret humanity's first contact with alien intelligence.

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Is Kita Kita on Netflix Japan?

Kita Kita

When a tour guide in Japan goes blind after seeing her fiancé’s infidelity, she befriends a fellow Filipino keen to coax her out of the darkness. In one awful moment, her entire world clouded over. It’ll take an unlikely stranger to help her see its beauty again.

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Is Bring It On Again on Netflix Japan?

Bring It On Again

Rejected by the college cheerleading team, a band of girls decide to form their own squad in this entertaining sequel to the original hit that mined the humor and the competitive spirit of high school cheerleading. Starring Anne Judson-Yager, Bree Turner, Faune A. Chambers, Richard Lee Jackson and Bryce Johnson, the sequel follows the maverick cheerleaders as they prepare to compete against the college team.

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Is Loving on Netflix Japan?


A young couple's interracial marriage in 1958 sparks a case that leads to the Supreme Court. Based on the true story of Richard and Mildred Loving. They were arrested, imprisoned and forced to leave their home. Their crime? Being a black woman and a white man in love.

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Is Dance & Sing with True on Netflix Japan?

Dance & Sing with True: Season 1

True and her friends are making music -- and they want you to dance and sing along. So cut loose, silly goose! These fun beats are totally sweet. Feel the beat, move your feet. Turn up the music and groove! Every day's a dance party with True and her magical friends.

Details: Dance & Sing with True: Season 1

Is Inside the Real Narcos on Netflix Japan?

Inside the Real Narcos: Season 1

Exposing a rarely seen perspective on the drug wars, ex-Special Forces commando Jason Fox interviews dangerous traffickers and cartel members. He's hunted down and taken out drug traffickers. Now he's looking to start a conversation with those he once pursued.

Details: Inside the Real Narcos: Season 1

Is The Fix on Netflix Japan?

The Fix: Season 1

Comedians Jimmy Carr, D.L. Hughley and Katherine Ryan tackle the world's woes with help from a rotating crew of funny guests and an actual expert. Huge problems. Hilarious solutions. How do you cure society's ills? With clever comics and a big dose of laughter.

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