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A Guide to Watching She Was Pretty in Mexico: Your Ultimate Viewing Experience

A Guide to Watching She Was Pretty in Mexico: Your Ultimate Viewing Experience

Josh Loewen
Josh Loewen
July 02, 2023

Welcome, fellow streaming enthusiasts!

Today, we embark on a quest to discover all the wonderful ways you can stream the Korean romantic comedy, "She Was Pretty," in none other than sunny Mexico! So grab your snacks, find a cozy spot on the couch, and get ready to indulge in this delightful series.

But before we dive into the various streaming options, let me paint you a picture of the allure and brilliance of "She Was Pretty." Picture this: a tale of two past acquaintances who reunite after going through a rollercoaster of life's ups and downs. As they stand on the precipice of newfound success and transformed appearances, their serendipitous encounter takes place in the dazzling world of a fashion magazine. There's love, laughs, and a dash of mystery - all wrapped up in a delightful rom-com package.

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Streaming Services in Mexico: Unavailable, but There's Still Hope!

We regret to inform you that "She Was Pretty" is not currently available for streaming on any platforms in Mexico. It's a shame, really, because this delightful series would undoubtedly brighten up our Mexican screens. But fret not, dear reader, for there is a glimmer of hope.

If you happen to have existing streaming subscriptions, you may be able to unlock the magic of "She Was Pretty" by tapping into the vast wonders of international streaming. With the right solution, you can transcend geographical limitations and indulge in captivating stories from all corners of the globe, including this charming Korean gem. Stay tuned to discover how you can unlock "She Was Pretty" using the power of ExpressVPN.

Unlock "She Was Pretty" on Netflix in Mexico

So you're ready to binge-watch "She Was Pretty" on Netflix in Mexico? Well, hold on to your popcorn, because we're about to unveil the secret to unlocking this gem!

Unfortunately, "She Was Pretty" isn't immediately available to stream on Netflix in Mexico, but fear not, fellow streaming enthusiasts! With the magic of a VPN, you can transcend geographical boundaries and access the show in all its glory.

Here's what you need to do:

  1. Sign up for ExpressVPN and download the app on your preferred device - be it your trusty phone, tablet, or television.
  2. Connect to a server in one of the countries listed below, where "She Was Pretty" is ready to whisk you away on a romantic comedy adventure:

Available countries on Netflix: Japan, Hong Kong

Variant: Netflix with ads is available in Japan.

  1. After connecting to the appropriate server, open up Netflix and let the magic unfold. Sit back, relax, and enjoy "She Was Pretty" right now!

ExpressVPN makes it a breeze to change your virtual location, paving the way for countless hours of streaming enjoyment. Don't let a mere geographical barrier stop you from experiencing the joy and laughter that "She Was Pretty" has to offer!

Unlock "She Was Pretty" on Amazon Prime with ExpressVPN

Attention streaming aficionados in Mexico! We have good news for you. While "She Was Pretty" may not be readily available on Amazon Prime in your country, fear not, for we have a nifty solution to unlock this gem!

Amazon Prime, being the mysterious creature it is, offers different content in different countries. But don't fret! With the magic of ExpressVPN, you can change your virtual location and gain access to international Amazon Prime libraries.

Here are some of the countries where you can find "She Was Pretty" on Amazon Prime: Amazon Prime(Japan). So, how can you start streaming this delightful series right away? Simply follow these three easy steps:

  1. Sign up for ExpressVPN and install the app on your preferred device.
  2. Connect to a server in Japan (or any other country where the show is available).
  3. Open up Amazon Prime and let the binge-watching extravaganza begin!

So, go ahead and unlock the magic of "She Was Pretty" on Amazon Prime with ExpressVPN. Happy streaming!

Streaming "She Was Pretty" on HBO Max in Mexico

As we dive into the realm of streaming options, we must address the elephant in the room - "She Was Pretty" is unfortunately not currently available on HBO Max. While we can't stream this gem on the platform, fear not! There may be another streaming service lurking in your subscriptions list that holds the key to your Korean rom-com fix.

But don't despair just yet! Keep reading to discover the alternative avenues and potential hidden treasures that await you. Let's explore the vast landscape of streaming and see where "She Was Pretty" may be waiting to captivate your very soul.

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Can You Stream "She Was Pretty" on Disney+ in Mexico?

While Disney+ has quickly become the go-to streaming platform for all things magical and marvelous, unfortunately, "She Was Pretty" is not currently available on Disney+ in any country worldwide. As much as we'd love to see the charming characters and delightful plotline grace the screens of Disney+, it seems like we'll have to explore other avenues to satisfy our K-drama cravings.

However, fear not, dear reader! As we delve into the following sections, there may be another streaming service that you already have in your arsenal which offers the opportunity to indulge in the wonders of "She Was Pretty." So, keep reading and let's uncover the treasure trove of options that await us.

Streaming Services for Buying or Renting "She Was Pretty" in Mexico

Unfortunately, my fellow streaming aficionados, it seems that the options for renting or purchasing "She Was Pretty" directly within Mexico are as elusive as uncovering the deeper meaning of life itself. Alas, our journey to obtain this charming series may require a bit of outside-the-box thinking. Fear not, for I shall guide you through the options available to us!

  • No streaming options for rent within the country
  • No streaming options for purchase within the country

But fret not, for all hope is not lost! If you happen to already have a subscription with one of the streaming services that carry "She Was Pretty" in other regions, you're just one click away from indulging in this delightful series. Simply open up your streaming app of choice, make the payment, and voila! You can start watching right now.

How to watch She Was Pretty in Mexico today

Sign up for ExpressVPN and watch She Was Pretty in Canada in 3 quick steps

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Step 1

Install the ExpressVPN app and create an account.

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Step 2

Choose an ExpressVPN server in a country with the movie/show

TV Icon

Step 3

Open your usual streaming app (Netflix, Disney+, etc) on your device and enjoy your show!

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Unveiling the Beautifully Imperfect Plot

Step into the captivating world of "She Was Pretty," where past acquaintances Kim Hye-jin and Ji Sung-joon find themselves on an unexpected collision course. Prepare for a story that is equal parts heartwarming and hilarious.

Once a charming girl from a wealthy family, Hye-jin's life takes a dramatic turn when her family's publishing company struggles and eventually crumbles. Along with her family's misfortune, Hye-jin's own physical beauty seems to wane. On the other side of the coin, Sung-joon, once a self-conscious and unappealing boy, blossoms into a dashing and successful editor.

Years later, fate decides to reunite them, but there's a twist. Sung-joon fails to recognize the now-transformed Hye-jin, who feels too embarrassed to reveal her true identity. Instead, she asks her stunning best friend, Ha-ri, to take her place. As Hye-jin silently observes from the sidelines, Sung-joon unintentionally belittles and underestimates her, unaware of their shared past.

As the web of relationships deepens, Hye-jin finds an unexpected ally in her charming and whimsical colleague, Shin-hyuk. Meanwhile, Ha-ri's feelings for Sung-joon grow stronger. Will the tangled love triangle resolve itself? Will the truth be unearthed? Or will it all unravel with hilarious consequences? Tune in to "She Was Pretty" to uncover the answers and journey through a world where appearances are not always as they seem.

A Peek Behind the Scenes

Let's take a moment to dive into the captivating production of "She Was Pretty" and the talented minds that brought this series to life. The drama reunited the dynamic duo of Hwang Jung-eum and Park Seo-joon, who previously stole our hearts in the hit show "Kill Me, Heal Me." But that's not all! We also have the pleasure of seeing Hwang Jung-eum reunite with Go Joon-hee, after their fantastic chemistry in "Can You Hear My Heart."

With such a star-studded cast, you might be wondering about the masterminds behind the scenes. "She Was Pretty" was helmed by director Jung Dae-yoon, known for his exceptional storytelling prowess and ability to strike the perfect balance between heartwarming romance and laugh-out-loud comedy. The talented scriptwriting team, led by Jo Sung-hee, crafted a delightful narrative that is based on a true story, adding an extra layer of authenticity to the series.

Upon its release in 2015, "She Was Pretty" was met with an overwhelming response both in South Korea and internationally, capturing the hearts of viewers with its relatable characters and addictive storyline. With a peak rating of 18.4% domestically, the drama solidified its place as a must-watch in the rom-com genre. It also gained immense popularity in China, proving its universal appeal.


Hwang Jung-eum - Kim Hye-jin

Kim Hye-jin, portrayed by the talented Hwang Jung-eum, takes us on a journey of transformation and self-discovery. Known for her roles in "Kill Me, Heal Me" and "Secret Love," Hwang Jung-eum brings depth and charisma to the character of Kim Hye-jin.

Park Seo-joon - Ji Sung-joon

Ji Sung-joon, played by the charming Park Seo-joon, captures our hearts as the unattractive boy turned successful editor. With memorable performances in "What's Wrong with Secretary Kim" and "Itaewon Class," Park Seo-joon showcases his versatility and undeniable talent.

Go Joon-hee - Min Ha-ri

Min Ha-ri, portrayed by the beautiful Go Joon-hee, adds another layer of complexity to the story as Hye-jin's best friend. Go Joon-hee captivates us with her portrayal of Min Ha-ri and has appeared in notable dramas such as "Can You Hear My Heart" alongside Hwang Jung-eum.

Choi Si-won - Kim Shin-hyuk

Kim Shin-hyuk, played by the charismatic Choi Si-won, introduces a dash of humor and charm to the series. Choi Si-won is known for his roles in "My Fellow Citizens!" and "Revolutionary Love," where his talent shines brightly.

Additional Cast Members -

Throughout "She Was Pretty," we are also treated to amazing performances by other talented actors, including Yoon Yoo-sun, Im Ji-hyun, and Lee Il-hwa, who each bring their unique touch to the storyline.

Unicorn Worthy or Just a Run-of-the-Mill Pony?

Alright, folks, it's time to cast our discerning gaze upon the delightful Korean series, "She Was Pretty." Now, before you start gathering your confetti cannons and unicorn costumes, let me give you the lowdown. This show, while undeniably entertaining, falls somewhere in the middle of the mythical creature spectrum.

Now, we all have our responsible critic hats on, but let's not rush to judgment just yet. While "She Was Pretty" may not soar to the stars like a majestic Pegasus, it does have its endearing qualities that keep us glued to the screen.

So, what sets this rom-com apart from the rest of the stampeding herd? The charming chemistry between the cast members is a definite highlight. Hwang Jung-eum graces the show with her magnetic presence, drawing us into the world of Kim Hye-jin with her impeccable acting. And who can resist Park Seo-joon's transformation from an awkward duckling to a swoon-worthy swan?

So, here's the deal. If you're a die-hard rom-com aficionado, "She Was Pretty" is like a little treasure hidden in the Netflix jungle. It may not be the mountaintop bliss of a five-star rating, but it's certainly worth a gallop or two. So saddle up, my friends, and get ready for a heartwarming journey!

Oh, and if you find yourself feeling a tad discouraged by the limited availability of "She Was Pretty" on your favorite streaming services in Mexico, fear not! We have a delightful solution just for you. Sign up for ExpressVPN, and unlock a world of streaming possibilities at your fingertips. With ExpressVPN's magical powers, you might just find yourself basking in the glow of "She Was Pretty" in no time. Don't let geographical boundaries hold you back!

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