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How to Watch American Psycho in New Zealand: A Comprehensive Guide

How to Watch American Psycho in New Zealand: A Comprehensive Guide

Jay Templeton
Jay Templeton
July 08, 2023

Hey there, fellow movie buffs! Today, I'm here to talk about one of the most thrilling and mind-bending movies of all time: "American Psycho." This cult classic is a must-watch for anyone who enjoys a perfect blend of horror and dark comedy. And guess what? I'm going to share with you all the different ways you can stream this twisted masterpiece right here in New Zealand.

But before we dive into the streaming options, let me give you a quick rundown of the plot. Set in the vibrant 1980s, "American Psycho" follows the life of Patrick Bateman, a charismatic Wall Street investment banker who leads a double life as a serial killer. Starring Christian Bale in a jaw-dropping performance, this movie takes a satirical jab at the excessive consumerism and yuppie culture of the era, making it a thrilling commentary on society.

Now, let me tell you, my friends, why "American Psycho" is a must-see flick. First of all, Christian Bale kills it as Patrick Bateman. His portrayal of the charming yet deranged character is nothing short of incredible. The film's unique blend of horror and dark comedy will keep you at the edge of your seat, unsure whether to laugh or scream. Plus, it's a fascinating exploration of the human psyche and how appearances can be deceiving. Trust me, this movie will leave you questioning everything you thought you knew.

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Streaming "American Psycho" in New Zealand - Currently Unavailable

Alright, my fellow movie lovers, I have some unfortunate news. As of now, there are no streaming services in New Zealand that offer "American Psycho" for your binge-watching pleasure. I know, it's a major bummer, and trust me, I feel your pain. But fear not, my friends, because there's still hope!

Even though "American Psycho" isn't available for streaming in New Zealand, we're not giving up just yet. There's a way for you to potentially unlock this thrilling film using your existing streaming subscriptions. And how, you may ask? Well, that's where the magic of ExpressVPN comes into play! With ExpressVPN, you can potentially access different streaming libraries from around the world, opening doors to a whole new world of content, including "American Psycho." Stay tuned as we dive into the details in the next sections!

Unlock "American Psycho" on Netflix in New Zealand

Calling all Kiwi fans of "American Psycho"! While this gripping flick might not be immediately available to watch on Netflix in New Zealand, fret not, because I've got a game-changing trick up my sleeves. Netflix, our beloved streaming provider, has different content libraries for different countries, and with the power of a VPN, you can unlock it all. So, how do you get your hands on this twisted gem? Let me walk you through it!

Step 1: First things first, you need to sign up for ExpressVPN and install their app on your phone, tablet, or television. Trust me, this VPN is like having a secret key that unlocks a treasure trove of movies and shows from around the world.

Step 2: Once you have ExpressVPN set up, it's time to connect to a server in one of the countries that have "American Psycho" available on Netflix. From my research, you'll find this movie available on Netflix in Canada and Italy.

Step 3: Now that you're connected to the right server, it's time to fire up your Netflix app, sit back, and enjoy the gore, the suspense, and Christian Bale's chilling performance in "American Psycho." Get ready for a mind-bending experience like no other!

Unlock "American Psycho" on Amazon Prime in New Zealand

So, you're an Amazon Prime subscriber in New Zealand, eager to sink your teeth into "American Psycho." But alas, it's not immediately available in your region. Don't fret, though! We've got a nifty little trick up our sleeves to unlock this cult favorite for you.

Amazon Prime is like a treasure chest of entertainment, but it offers different content depending on the country you're in. The good news is that with a VPN like ExpressVPN, you can change your virtual location and access the version of Amazon Prime that has "American Psycho" ready and waiting. Let's take a look at some of the countries where you can find it:

  • Amazon Prime (Netherlands, France, Japan, Italy)
  • Amazon Prime: MGM channel (Brazil, Mexico, Germany, Italy)
  • Amazon Prime: Starz channel (Canada, United Kingdom, Australia)

Now, here's how you can unleash "American Psycho" on Amazon Prime right from the comfort of your cozy couch:

  1. Sign up for ExpressVPN and install the app on your phone, tablet, or television.
  2. Connect to a server in one of the countries where "American Psycho" is available.
  3. Open up Amazon Prime, and voila! Start watching the bone-chilling brilliance of "American Psycho" right now.

With ExpressVPN at your side, you'll have the power to transcend geographical restrictions and enjoy the film that will leave you questioning your own sanity. So grab some popcorn, turn down the lights, and let the madness begin!

Unlock "American Psycho" on HBO Max with ExpressVPN

Picture this: you're all set to stream "American Psycho" on HBO Max, only to find out that it's not available in New Zealand. But fear not, my friends! There's a way to unlock it, and it's as simple as using ExpressVPN.

HBO Max, the provider of this gripping film, has different content libraries for different countries. Lucky for us, "American Psycho" is available on HBO Max(USA). By using ExpressVPN, you can bypass the geographical restrictions and access HBO Max as if you were in the United States.

So, how can you make it happen? Follow these three easy steps:

  1. Sign up for ExpressVPN and install the app on your preferred device (phone, tablet, or television).
  2. Connect to a server located in the United States or any other country where "American Psycho" is available on HBO Max.
  3. Open up HBO Max and get ready to immerse yourself in the twisted world of Patrick Bateman!

Once you're connected to ExpressVPN and have changed your virtual location, you can enjoy "American Psycho" and a multitude of other fantastic content on HBO Max. Get your popcorn ready and dive into the gripping madness that awaits.

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Streaming "American Psycho" on Disney+

Calling all Disney+ fans, I have some news that might take you by surprise. As much as we love Disney+ for its amazing catalog of movies and shows, "American Psycho" unfortunately isn't available on the platform in any country around the world. I know, it's a bummer. But hey, don't lose hope just yet!

While you won't find "American Psycho" on Disney+, there may be another streaming service that you already have a subscription to which offers this mind-bending film. So, my advice? Keep reading to explore all the different ways you can get your "American Psycho" fix in New Zealand. Trust me, there's a glimmer of hope that you won't want to miss out on!

Stream "American Psycho" in New Zealand

If you are itching to watch "American Psycho" right this very moment, you are in luck! There are several streaming services that offer this thrilling flick for purchase or rental. All you have to do is open up your favorite streaming app, make the payment, and get ready to dive into the twisted world of Patrick Bateman. Here are the different options available:

  • Apple iTunes
  • Google Play Movies
  • Microsoft Store

Whether you prefer Apple iTunes, Google Play Movies, or Microsoft Store, you can easily access "American Psycho" with just a few taps or clicks. So, grab your popcorn, get comfortable, and indulge in this gripping cinematic experience.

How to watch American Psycho in New Zealand today

Sign up for ExpressVPN and watch American Psycho in Canada in 3 quick steps

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Step 1

Install the ExpressVPN app and create an account.

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Step 2

Choose an ExpressVPN server in a country with the movie/show

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Step 3

Open your usual streaming app (Netflix, Disney+, etc) on your device and enjoy your show!

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The Tangled and Twisted Tale of "American Psycho"

Buckle up, folks, because we're about to take a wild ride into the dark and twisted mind of Patrick Bateman. Set in 1980s New York City, "American Psycho" follows the seemingly successful and suave investment banker as he navigates the cutthroat world of high finance by day, and indulges in his more sinister, unhinged desires by night. But be warned, this is not your average horror flick – it's a psychological rollercoaster that will leave you questioning everything.

At first glance, Bateman appears to have it all: the fancy job, the perfect fiancée, and a glamorous social circle. But beneath his perfectly groomed exterior lies a sinister secret. As the movie progresses, we witness Bateman's gradual descent into madness, as he becomes consumed by his insatiable thirst for violence and control. What makes "American Psycho" truly chilling is how it seamlessly blends horror and black comedy, making you simultaneously squirm in your seat and burst out laughing.

Throughout the film, you'll be treated to a series of jaw-dropping moments that will keep you on the edge of your seat. From Bateman's obsession with meticulously comparing business cards to his chilling encounters with unsuspecting victims, every scene is flawlessly executed. And through it all, Christian Bale delivers a performance for the ages, capturing the essence of Bateman's duality and drawing us deeper into his twisted psyche.

The Creation of a Disturbing Masterpiece

When it comes to the production of "American Psycho," there's no doubt that it's a story as intriguing as the movie itself. Director Mary Harron and co-writer Guinevere Turner took on the daunting task of bringing Bret Easton Ellis' controversial novel to life on the silver screen. Ellis himself once considered the novel unfilmable due to its graphic nature, but producer Edward R. Pressman was determined to make it happen.

Through a series of ups and downs, including director changes and casting shake-ups, the film finally found its footing with Mary Harron at the helm and Christian Bale in the lead role of Patrick Bateman. Harron and Turner wanted to create a period film that stayed true to the novel's 1980s setting, providing a biting critique of yuppie culture and consumerism.

"American Psycho" premiered at the Sundance Film Festival in 2000, where it received positive reviews for both Bale's performance and the screenplay. Despite being considered a box-office disappointment initially, the film has gained a large cult following over the years. Its impact in popular culture was reignited in the 2020s, thanks to its widespread presence in contemporary meme culture.

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Let's talk about the incredible cast of "American Psycho" who brought the twisted characters to life!

Christian Bale takes the lead as Patrick Bateman, our charismatic yet deranged protagonist. Bale's performance in this film is nothing short of legendary. You might recognize him from his roles in other action-packed flicks like "The Dark Knight" trilogy or "Mad Max: Fury Road."

Willem Dafoe delivers a stellar performance as the determined private investigator, Donald Kimball. With a career spanning decades, Dafoe has been a part of iconic films including "Spider-Man," "Platoon," and "The Florida Project."

Jared Leto portrays Paul Allen, Bateman's affluent and despised colleague. Leto is no stranger to the world of thrillers, having starred in movies like "Fight Club" and "Dallas Buyers Club."

Josh Lucas plays Luis Carruthers, one of Bateman's colleagues who gets caught up in his twisted world. Lucas is known for his roles in films like "A Beautiful Mind" and "Sweet Home Alabama."

Chloë Sevigny takes on the role of Jean, Bateman's secretary who becomes entangled in his chilling game. Sevigny's versatile filmography includes movies like "Boys Don't Cry" and "Zodiac."

A Killer Flick: Unleash Your Inner Psychopath with "American Psycho"

Okay, folks, let's wrap this up with a bang for "American Psycho." Now, I give this movie a solid thumbs-up, and here's why. Christian Bale absolutely nails the role of Patrick Bateman, bringing his twisted character to life with haunting precision. The film manages to blend horror and black comedy in a way that will leave you simultaneously on the edge of your seat and in stitches.

While some critics may have underestimated the film's brilliance, "American Psycho" has gained a fierce cult following over the years. Its combination of satirical humor and biting social commentary on yuppie culture strikes a chord with viewers. I mean, come on, who doesn't enjoy a sharp critique of excessive consumerism?

Now, I know not all of you may have access to streaming platforms that offer this cinematic gem in New Zealand. But fret not, my friends! The trick is to use ExpressVPN. With ExpressVPN, you can unlock a whole new world of streaming possibilities. Simply sign up for ExpressVPN, connect to a server in a country where "American Psycho" is available, and boom! You've got instant access to this thrilling masterpiece.

So, if you're itching to immerse yourself in the dark and twisted world of Patrick Bateman, go ahead and give ExpressVPN a whirl. Trust me, it's a killer investment for your streaming needs.

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