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Dog Gone Trouble (2021)

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Gather up the family and settle in to an evening of adorable antics and big laughs as you watch Dog Gone Trouble, new on Netflix.

An animated dog floating in a pool
Image Courtesy of TMDb

Trouble is a pampered pup who is living the dream in his big city mansion. His owner, the doting Mrs. Vanderwhoozie, dies suddenly and Trouble is left with an uncertain future. The one thing he is certain about is that he does not like Mrs. Vanderwhoozie’s greedy nephew and niece, Norbert and Claire, who arrive soon after her death to claim their inheritance.

As part of the will, the Norbert and Claire must successfully prove that they can care of Trouble for three days before they can collect their riches. The only problem is that in the middle of the busyness following the death of his owner, Trouble accidentally got lost. Now he is on his own, for the first time is his pampered life, to figure out how to get home – and if he even wants to go home.

Three animated dogs standing together in some shrubbery
Image Courtesy of TMDb

Norbert and Claire are not going to let one lost dog keep them away from their inheritance, so they hire a famous tracker to hun down Trouble and trouble is exactly what both man and dog find!

The lost pooch gets tangled up with some vengeful squirrels and narrowly escapes only to land himself in another sticky situation with a new human named Zoe. Before long, Trouble begins to realize that maybe this is a situation he doesn’t want to get out of but if he wants to stay with Zoe, he has to figure out a way to lose the tracker and the dishonest duo, Claire and Norbert.

An animated dog standing on a street with several dogs and a couple of squirrels
Image Courtesy of TMDb

While not an entirely original storyline in animation, Dog Gone Trouble is still delightful and charming. The age appropriate humour will still get grown-ups giggling and will thoroughly entertain the kidlets. This is an uncomplicated, feel-good flick for the whole family. And it’s optimism and cute approach to the possibilities of life is exactly what we all need right now. Be sure to tune in and enjoy a little bit of Dog Gone Trouble.

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