Obtén Netflix de los estados unidos de américa

Lista de nuevos estrenos de Netflix Noruega

Esta lista le ayuda a comenzar con los emitidos de hoy y luego retroceder en el tiempo para ver los lanzamientos anteriores de películas y programas de televisión en Netflix Noruega.

Seres terroríficos, sorpresas retorcidas y humor negro convergen en esta antología de relatos animados para adultos presentada por Tim Miller y David Fincher. Dieciocho mundos únicos. Dieciocho historias. Un viaje sombrío, divertido y lleno de adrenalina. Solo para adultos.

Before he built a drug empire, Ferry Bouman returns to his hometown on a revenge mission that finds his loyalty tested — and a love that alters his life. Before he became a drug kingpin. Before undercover agents moved next door. He was a loyal enforcer on a lethal mission.

Películas belgas, Dramas, Películas sobre crímenes, Thriller Movies, Thrillers sobre crímenes
Director (es): Cecilia Verheyden
Actores: Frank Lammers, Elise Schaap, Huub Stapel, Monic Hendrickx, Raymond Thiry, Maarten Heijmans, Yannick van de Velde
Cincuenta sombras de Grey 呪術廻戦 Victorious Yo antes de ti

Aquí hay algunas películas y programas que no puede ver en Noruega sin una VPN.

Tenemos instrucciones paso a paso sobre cómo desbloquear Netflix en todo el mundo.

Anatomía según Grey ポケットモンスター After: En mil pedazos Zombieland: Double Tap

His name built an empire. His style defined an era. American fashion designer Halston skyrockets to fame before his life starts to spin out of control. The fashion. The fame. The mystique. He created an empire and became a star. Until he sold his name and lost himself.

Dramas de TV, Series de EE. UU., TV Shows Based on Books
Director (es): Daniel Minahan
Actores: Ewan McGregor, Bill Pullman, Rebecca Dayan, David Pittu, Krysta Rodriguez, Rory Culkin, Vera Farmiga, Gian Franco Rodriguez, Sullivan Jones, Kelly Bishop, Dilone, James Waterston, Jason Kravits, Mary Beth Peil

When a big-city family moves to a remote town, two young brothers and their new friends try to solve the menacing mystery that haunts their home. Gruesome murders. Vengeful spirits. And an eerie house whose sinister secrets these friends are determined to reveal.

Películas sobre crímenes, Películas de terror, Thriller Movies, Movies Based on Books
Director (es): Daniel Prochaska
Actores: León Orlandianyi, Benno Roßkopf, Julia Koschitz, Marii Weichsler, Lars Bitterlich, Michael Pink, Inge Maux, Elfriede Schüsseleder, Michael Somma, Finn Reiter, Markus Stubeier, Luca Streussnig

When a lost and lonely alien crash-lands on Earth, his new crew of talking animal friends helps him get back home — and try to save the world! He's come from beyond the stars to conquer the planet. But making new friends might be his biggest mission yet!

Películas infantiles y familiares, Comedias
Director (es): Brent Dawes
Actores: Ed Kear, David Menkin, Ina Marie Smith, John Guerrasio, David Rintoul, Gavin Peter, Lucy Montgomery, Florrie Wilkinson, Adam Neill, Jason Pennycooke

Confined to her home by agoraphobia, a psychologist becomes obsessed with her new neighbors — and solving a brutal crime she witnesses from her window. From across the street, she witnesses a shocking crime. But the deeper she digs for the truth, the faster her world unravels.

Dramas, Películas sobre crímenes, Thriller Movies, Movies Based on Books, Misterios
Director (es): Joe Wright
Actores: Amy Adams, Gary Oldman, Anthony Mackie, Fred Hechinger, Wyatt Russell, Brian Tyree Henry, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Jeanine Serralles, Mariah Bozeman, Julianne Moore

The comedic dream team from "The Upshaws" discuss the hit series, share some anecdotes from their own upbringings and play a little swag-centric game.

Comedias, Programas de variedades
Actores: David Spade, London Hughes, Fortune Feimster, Wanda Sykes, Mike Epps, Kim Fields

A relentless detective finds common ground with a killer systematically targeting the perpetrators running a powerful child-trafficking ring. They're on opposite sides of the law, but they share the same goal: Take down a child-trafficking ring, no matter the cost.

Películas africanas, Películas sobre crímenes, Thriller Movies, Misterios, Thrillers sobre crímenes, Películas sudafricanas
Director (es): Donovan Marsh
Actores: Erica Wessels, Hlubi Mboya, Deon Lotz, Brendon Daniels, Mothusi Magano

Vivieron un pasado aterrador y ahora están listos para contárselo a familiares y amigos con la ayuda de dramatizaciones espeluznantes. Son personas tan reales como las historias terroríficas que vivieron y nunca podrán olvidar.

See the life, story and works of renowned New York photographer Roxanne Lowit in this documentary about an artist as fascinating as her subjects. Before social media, she was the queen of self-promotion — and documenting the glamorous world around her.

Documentales socioculturales, Películas italianas, Películas documentales, Estilo de vida
Director (es): Yvonne Sciò
Actores: Roxeanne Lowitt, Pat Cleveland, Heidi Klum, David LaChapelle, Julian Schnabel, Jeremy Scott