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The Ultimate Guide to Watching Flipped in Norway: Tips and Tricks

The Ultimate Guide to Watching Flipped in Norway: Tips and Tricks

Parm S
Parm S
August 09, 2023

Looking for a heartwarming movie to curl up with? Well, look no further than "Flipped"! In this article, we will explore the various ways you can stream this endearing romantic comedy-drama in Norway. Whether you're a fan of feel-good films or simply in the mood for a charming story, "Flipped" is sure to capture your heart.

Based on Wendelin Van Draanen's novel of the same name, "Flipped" takes us back to 1957, as two eighth graders, Bryce and Juli, navigate the complexities of young love and discovering their true selves. Starring Callan McAuliffe and Madeline Carroll, this film beautifully portrays the innocence and vulnerability of adolescence.

Not only does "Flipped" offer a heartwarming narrative, but it has also garnered appreciation for its realistic portrayal of teenagers. With its emphasis on character development and relatable themes, this movie is a must-watch for anyone craving an authentic and captivating cinematic experience. So, let's dive into the various ways you can stream "Flipped" and delve into this delightful tale!

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Stream "Flipped" in Norway

Ready to watch "Flipped"? Here are a couple of streaming services that currently offer this heartwarming film:

  • Strim
  • Viaplay

If you are already subscribed to either of these services, you can simply open up the app and start watching "Flipped" right now! Enjoy the heartfelt story and the delightful performances.

However, if you don't have a subscription to either of these streaming services, don't worry! In the following sections, we'll explore how you can use your existing services to unlock "Flipped" and enjoy this beautiful movie.

Unlock "Flipped" on Netflix in Norway

While "Flipped" may not be readily available to stream on Netflix in Norway, fret not! With the help of a VPN, you can unlock this delightful film by accessing Netflix content from different countries. Here are a few countries where "Flipped" is available on Netflix:

  • Netflix (Australia)
  • Netflix: with ads (Australia)

To unlock "Flipped" and enjoy it on Netflix, all you need is ExpressVPN. Follow these simple steps:

  1. Sign up for ExpressVPN: Visit the ExpressVPN website and sign up for their service. Once you've registered, download and install the app on your preferred device, be it your phone, tablet, or television.
  2. Connect to a server in a supported country: Open the ExpressVPN app and connect to a server located in a country where "Flipped" is available. For example, you can choose a server in Australia.
  3. Open Netflix and start streaming: Once you've established a secure connection through ExpressVPN, launch the Netflix app and voila! You can now enjoy "Flipped" from the comfort of your own home.

With ExpressVPN, you can easily unlock a wide range of content from around the world, including "Flipped" on Netflix. So, grab your popcorn, cuddle up on the couch, and immerse yourself in this heartwarming tale!

Watch "Flipped" on Amazon Prime

Unfortunately, "Flipped" is not currently available on Amazon Prime in Norway or any other country worldwide. However, don't fret! There may be another streaming service that you have access to, which provides this delightful film. So, make sure to read on and discover the alternative ways to stream "Flipped" in Norway.

HBO Max: Not Currently Available for "Flipped" in Norway

Looking to catch "Flipped" on HBO Max? Unfortunately, this heartwarming film is not currently available for streaming on HBO Max in Norway. While HBO Max offers an extensive library of captivating content, "Flipped" belongs to a different streaming provider.

But fret not! There may be another streaming service that you already have a subscription to, which does offer "Flipped". So, keep reading to explore the other sections and discover where you can catch this delightful romantic comedy-drama.

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Streaming "Flipped" on Disney+

Unfortunately, "Flipped" isn't currently available on Disney+ in Norway or any other country. While Disney+ offers a vast library of beloved movies and series, this particular gem is not part of its collection at the moment. However, don't despair just yet! There may be other streaming services that offer this delightful film, so keep reading to explore your options.

But don't worry, Disney+ has a plethora of other captivating movies and shows to keep you entertained. From heartwarming family favorites to thrilling adventures, there's something for everyone in their extensive content library. So, while "Flipped" may not be on Disney+ right now, there are still plenty of enchanting stories waiting to be discovered!

Purchase or Rent "Flipped" in Norway

If you're eager to dive into the heartwarming world of "Flipped," you'll be thrilled to know that there are multiple streaming services in Norway that offer the option to purchase or rent this beloved film. With just a few clicks, you can unlock the magic and embark on Bryce and Juli's delightful journey.

  • Apple iTunes
  • Blockbuster
  • Google Play Movies
  • Rakuten TV
  • SF Anytime

Whether you already have one of these streaming platforms or are curious to explore a new one, simply open your preferred app, make the payment, and you'll be ready to start watching "Flipped" in no time! So, grab your popcorn, cozy up on the couch, and let the enchanting story unfold before your eyes.

How to watch Flipped in Norway today

Sign up for ExpressVPN and watch Flipped in Canada in 3 quick steps

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Step 1

Install the ExpressVPN app and create an account.

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Step 2

Choose an ExpressVPN server in a country with the movie/show

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Step 3

Open your usual streaming app (Netflix, Disney+, etc) on your device and enjoy your show!

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A Delicate Dance of Hearts: Navigating Love in "Flipped"

In the enchanting world of "Flipped," we are transported to 1957 where young love blooms between two eighth graders, Bryce Loski and Julianna "Juli" Baker. The story unfolds with Juli falling head over heels for Bryce as soon as he moves in next door. However, Bryce, initially taken aback, tries to keep his distance, unknowingly sparking a delicate dance of hearts that will captivate viewers.

Throughout their middle school years, we witness the ebbs and flows of their relationship, as Juli's unwavering admiration clashes with Bryce's attempts to evade her affections. Juli's persistence reaches new heights when she embarks on brave endeavors to win Bryce's attention, from climbing a tree to protect it from being cut down to renovating her own backyard. Meanwhile, Bryce finds himself grappling with his own feelings and perceptions.

As the story progresses, "Flipped" explores the complexity of first love, friendship, and the influence of family dynamics on our choices. We are invited to witness the personal growth of both Juli and Bryce, as they confront societal expectations, personal prejudices, and their own evolving perspectives. Amidst all the heart-fluttering moments, unexpected twists, and bittersweet revelations, "Flipped" ultimately delivers a poignant message about the power of connection and the importance of truly seeing someone beyond surface appearances.

The Creative Team Behind "Flipped"

"Flipped" was brought to life by the talented individuals who worked on its production, from the writers to the director. The film was co-written and directed by Rob Reiner, a master filmmaker known for his ability to capture the essence of coming-of-age stories. Reiner's skillful direction shines through in "Flipped," as he perfectly captures the nostalgia and charm of the 1950s.

The screenplay was co-written by Rob Reiner and Andrew Scheinman, showcasing their ability to adapt Wendelin Van Draanen's novel into a heartfelt cinematic experience. The chemistry between the two young leads, Callan McAuliffe and Madeline Carroll, was brilliantly captured on screen, thanks to Reiner's directorial vision and the screenplay's nuanced exploration of their relationship.

With a talented cast that includes Rebecca De Mornay, Anthony Edwards, John Mahoney, Penelope Ann Miller, Aidan Quinn, and Kevin Weisman, "Flipped" brings together a diverse ensemble of actors who bring depth and authenticity to their characters. Their performances contribute to the resonance and popularity of the film among audiences seeking genuine portrayals of teenage experiences.

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Director: Rob Reiner

Rob Reiner is the talented director behind "Flipped." Known for his diverse filmography, Reiner has brought us beloved classics such as "Stand by Me," "The Princess Bride," and "When Harry Met Sally." With his skill for capturing nuanced storytelling and heartfelt performances, Reiner delivers a charming and nostalgic experience in "Flipped."

Writers: Rob Reiner and Andrew Scheinman

In addition to directing, Rob Reiner also co-wrote the screenplay for "Flipped" alongside Andrew Scheinman. Scheinman has worked closely with Reiner on several projects, including "The Princess Bride" and "When Harry Met Sally." Their collaboration on "Flipped" ensures a cohesive and well-crafted narrative that resonates with audiences.

Main Cast:

Callan McAuliffe as Bryce Loski: Callan McAuliffe brings Bryce Loski to life on the screen. In "Flipped," Bryce is the object of Juli's affection but struggles to come to terms with his own feelings. McAuliffe has also appeared in notable projects like "I Am Number Four" and "The Great Gatsby."

Madeline Carroll as Julianna "Juli" Baker: Madeline Carroll delivers a captivating performance as Juli Baker, the determined and headstrong young girl who can't help but adore Bryce. Carroll's talent shines through in her portrayal of this endearing character. She has also appeared in films like "Machine Gun Preacher" and "Mr. Popper's Penguins."

Rebecca De Mornay as Patsy Loski: Rebecca De Mornay takes on the role of Patsy Loski, Bryce's caring and supportive mother. De Mornay's acting credits include notable films like "Risky Business" and "The Hand That Rocks the Cradle."

Anthony Edwards as Steven Loski: Anthony Edwards portrays Steven Loski, Bryce's father who often struggles with his own fears and insecurities. Edwards is known for his role as Dr. Mark Greene on the hit series "ER," and has appeared in films such as "Top Gun" and "Zodiac."

John Mahoney as Chet Duncan: John Mahoney brings warmth and depth to the character of Chet Duncan, Bryce's wise grandfather. Mahoney is best known for his role as Martin Crane in the long-running sitcom "Frasier," and has also appeared in films like "Moonstruck" and "Say Anything...".

Flipped: A Charming Tale That Almost Takes Off

Flipped is an enchanting film that takes us back to the innocent days of young love and self-discovery. With its heartwarming narrative and realistic portrayal of teenagers, it's no wonder that this movie has gained a loyal following. While I can appreciate the film's endearing qualities, I can't help but feel that it falls just short of greatness.

The performances by Callan McAuliffe and Madeline Carroll are commendable, capturing the essence of their characters with authenticity and charm. The chemistry between the young actors is palpable, and their journey of navigating love and friendship is relatable and engaging.

However, the film's storyline, though touching, lacks the depth and complexity that could have taken it to the next level. It follows a predictable path, and some of the character arcs feel underdeveloped. While it may have garnered a cult favorite status over the years, its lukewarm reception initially by critics is understandable.

If you're eager to watch "Flipped" in Norway and it's not available on your current streaming services, fear not! ExpressVPN provides a solution. By using ExpressVPN, you can access streaming platforms from different regions and unlock a world of entertainment, including this beloved film. Sign up for ExpressVPN today and transport yourself to the heartwarming world of "Flipped"!

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