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The Ultimate Guide to Watching LOLA in Norway: Tips and Tricks

The Ultimate Guide to Watching LOLA in Norway: Tips and Tricks

Josh Loewen
Josh Loewen
August 17, 2023

So, you've stumbled upon LOLA, the latest found footage sci-fi film directed by Andrew Legge. And guess what? You're in luck! We're here to guide you through all the different ways you can stream this gem in Norway. But before we dive into the streaming options, let's take a moment to explore the intriguing plot of this movie.

Set in England during the chaos of World War II, LOLA follows the adventures of sisters Thomasina and Martha. These two ingenious ladies have managed to invent a machine that can intercept future broadcasts. Imagine the possibilities! They use this device to embrace their inner punk spirit before it even becomes a thing. However, as the war escalates, they decide to put their invention to use in the field of intelligence, with consequences that could alter the course of history. Intrigued yet? Hang on, there's more to come!

LOLA promises to be a hilarious and thought-provoking journey through time and punk rock rebellion. With its unique blend of science fiction and historical events, this film has garnered quite a bit of buzz. So, if you're ready to strap in and experience a wild ride, keep reading to discover the ways to stream LOLA in Norway.

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Streaming Services in Norway

Unfortunately, we have something of a downer to deliver. As of now, there are no streaming services in Norway that offer LOLA. We can practically hear the disappointed sighs reverberating across the nation. It's a real shame, we know.

But hey, don't lose hope just yet! There's still a glimmer of light at the end of the streaming tunnel. If you have an existing streaming subscription, there might just be a way for you to unlock LOLA from a different country. We'll delve into the details in the upcoming sections, so keep reading and get ready to dive into the world of virtual private networks (VPNs)!

Not on Netflix, But Keep Reading!

Uh-oh, it seems that LOLA hasn't landed on Netflix's shores just yet. But fear not, fellow streaming enthusiast! While this film may not be available on Netflix, there's still hope. Let's dig deeper and explore alternative streaming services that might just have what you're looking for.

Streaming "LOLA" on Amazon Prime in Norway

Unfortunately, it seems that "LOLA" is not currently available for streaming on Amazon Prime in Norway—or anywhere else in the world. But fear not, fellow movie enthusiasts! Sometimes, certain titles belong to another streaming provider, or they may pop up on Amazon Prime in the future. So, don't lose hope just yet.

However, all is not lost! There may be another streaming service that you already have a subscription to, which offers the opportunity to watch "LOLA." So, be sure to check out the other sections below for alternative options. Keep your eyes peeled, as this captivating film may make its way to Amazon Prime at some point in the future.

HBO Max: Not Available in Norway... Yet

Sorry to burst your bubble, but as of now, LOLA is not available on HBO Max in Norway. It seems this delightful film has taken a different streaming path, flirting with another platform. But fear not, dear reader! There may still be hope for you to indulge in LOLA through another streaming service. Keep reading to explore the other sections for potential streaming options.

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Stream LOLA on Disney+

Unfortunately, you won't find LOLA on Disney+ in Norway or any other country around the globe. But fear not, dear reader, for there may still be a glimmer of hope. While Disney+ may not house this particular film in its extensive library, there's a chance that another streaming service you have might offer it. So, don't despair just yet!

But fear not, dear reader, for we have plenty of other avenues to explore in our quest to watch LOLA. Keep reading to find out the alternative options that might just lead you to this intriguing sci-fi masterpiece.

Buy or Rent LOLA in Norway

Unfortunately, the options for purchasing or renting LOLA within Norway are quite limited at the moment. But fear not! We're here to keep you informed, and if you are a bit flexible, we have a clever solution. So, grab your thinking cap and let's dive into the details.

  • No streaming options for rent within the country.
  • No streaming options for purchase within the country.

Now, we know what you're thinking – that's a bummer. But wait, all is not lost! If you already have a streaming subscription with one of the popular platforms, there's a sneaky little trick you can use to watch LOLA right now. Just open up your streaming app, make the payment, and voila! You'll be transported into the world of Thomasina and Martha's time-traveling adventures. Intrigued? Keep reading to find out how.

How to watch LOLA in Norway today

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The Time-Warping Adventures of LOLA

Picture this: England, 1941, a time of war and uncertainty. In the midst of chaos, two extraordinary sisters, Thomasina and Martha, invent a miraculous machine that has the power to intercept broadcasts from the future. Yes, you read that right! These audacious ladies have stumbled upon a contraption that allows them to catch a sneak peek into what lies ahead. It's like having a crystal ball, but with a twist of punk rock rebellion.

With their newfound ability, Thomasina and Martha embark on a journey that's part science fiction, part historical adventure. They use their machine to embrace the punk spirit that's yet to bloom, wreaking havoc and turning the dreary wartime era on its head. The rebellious energy that courses through their veins sets them on a path of mischief, brimming with infectious optimism and mischief.

But as the war intensifies, Thomasina and Martha face a pivotal decision: to use their invention as a tool for intelligence. And let me tell you, the consequences have the potential to reshape the very fabric of the world we know. Brace yourself for a mind-bending ride, where shaky alliances, unexpected twists, and time itself become entangled in a web of intrigue.

The Unique Production of LOLA

LOLA is not your average film when it comes to its production. Shot in Ireland during lockdown, director Andrew Legge and his team went the extra mile to create a truly immersive experience. From the cameras used to the soundtrack, everything was carefully chosen to transport viewers back to the 1940s.

In order to capture the essence of the time period, Legge opted to shoot the scenes between the sisters on 16mm Bolex and Arriflex cameras with period lenses. This meticulous attention to detail adds an authentic touch to the film, making you feel like you're right there with the characters. And if that wasn't impressive enough, the newsreel scenes were shot on a 1930s Newman Sinclair 35mm wind-up camera on actual Kodak Double X film.

But it doesn't stop there. The actresses, Emma Appleton and Stefanie Martini, were not only trained to use the cameras, but Martini actually operated the shots her character is shooting. Talk about getting fully involved in the filmmaking process! And let's not forget about the soundtrack, which features a combination of original music by Neil Hannon of The Divine Comedy and iconic classics like David Bowie's "Space Oddity" and a rearranged version of The Kinks' "You Really Got Me."

LOLA's unique production choices and attention to detail truly set it apart. It's not every day you come across a film that goes to such lengths to create an immersive experience for its viewers. Now, let's move on to the exciting part where we explore how you can actually stream this hidden gem in Norway.

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Emma Appleton as Thomasina - Emma Appleton takes on the role of Thomasina, one-half of the brilliant sister duo in LOLA. You may recognize Appleton from her captivating performance as Feef Symonds in the television series "The Trial of Christine Keeler."

Stefanie Martini as Martha - Stefanie Martini breathes life into the character of Martha, Thomasina's sister, and partner in crime. Martini previously impressed audiences with her portrayal of Jane Tennison in the crime drama series "Prime Suspect 1973."

Other notable cast members include:

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(Note: Please provide the names of additional actors and their respective characters, as well as any specific roles and notable movies or shows they have been involved in.)

The Dissonant Symphony of LOLA: A Bumpy Ride Through Time

Well, well, well. It's time to wrap up our journey with LOLA, a movie that promised a lot but left us scratching our heads. This ambitious mix of found footage sci-fi and punk rebellion certainly had the ingredients for a mind-bending experience, but unfortunately, it fell short of its potential.

Let's start with the positives. Director Andrew Legge's debut feature showcases a unique concept, blending historical events with a touch of science fiction. The idea of sisters Thomasina and Martha inventing a machine to intercept future broadcasts is undeniably intriguing. Emma Appleton and Stefanie Martini deliver decent performances, breathing some life into their characters.

However, despite its promising premise, LOLA struggles to find its footing. The plot, while initially captivating, meanders along aimlessly, leaving us wanting more substance. The film's quirky charm is overshadowed by ill-executed pacing and disjointed storytelling, making it difficult to fully invest in the characters or the narrative.

Despite its flaws, LOLA does manage to offer a glimpse into the creative production techniques employed during its making. From shooting with vintage cameras and period lenses to the incorporation of David Bowie's "Space Oddity" and other musical gems, the film does have some standout technical moments.

So, if LOLA has piqued your interest and you're eager to unravel its mysteries, fear not! You can still catch this time-traveling punk adventure by using ExpressVPN. Sign up for ExpressVPN to unlock new possibilities and stream LOLA, even if it's not natively available on your favorite services in Norway. Don't miss out on this unusual cinematic journey!

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