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Watch The Great Raid in Pakistan: A Guide to Enjoying this Epic Film

Watch The Great Raid in Pakistan: A Guide to Enjoying this Epic Film

Anthony Penner
Anthony Penner
July 27, 2023

Are you ready for an action-packed war film that will keep you on the edge of your seat? Look no further than "The Great Raid," a 2005 gem that takes us back to the turbulent times of World War II. Today, we're diving into different ways you can stream this incredible movie right here in Pakistan. So buckle up, grab some popcorn, and get ready for an unforgettable cinematic experience.

"The Great Raid" paints a gripping picture of the heroic efforts of American soldiers and Filipino resistance fighters as they undertake a daring mission to rescue Allied prisoners of war from a Japanese POW camp. Set in the backdrop of the Japanese-occupied Philippines in 1945, this film is a thrilling blend of action, suspense, and heart-wrenching moments.

As the American forces close in on the Japanese-occupied Philippines, a notorious POW camp becomes the center of attention. Around 500 American prisoners, who have survived the Bataan Death March, are held captive in the Cabanatuan prison camp. The Japanese subject them to brutal treatment and summary execution, making their rescue mission all the more urgent. With a stellar cast, including Benjamin Bratt, James Franco, and Connie Nielsen, "The Great Raid" brings this incredible true story to life.

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Streaming Options for "The Great Raid" in Pakistan

Unfortunately, as of now, there are no streaming services in Pakistan that offer "The Great Raid." It's a real shame because this gripping war film deserves to be easily accessible to viewers everywhere. But fear not, there is still a glimmer of hope for all you movie enthusiasts out there.

While the movie may not be available to stream directly in Pakistan, there is a solution that may allow you to unlock it using your existing streaming subscriptions. Stay tuned as we explore a way to bring "The Great Raid" right to your screen by utilizing ExpressVPN. So don't despair, action and adventure await you just around the corner!

Unlock "The Great Raid" on Netflix in Pakistan with ExpressVPN

Looking to watch "The Great Raid" on Netflix in Pakistan? While it may not be immediately available, fear not, because ExpressVPN has got your back! Netflix offers different content libraries based on the country you're accessing it from, and with ExpressVPN, you can easily change your virtual location and unlock this incredible movie. So, here's how you can make it happen:

1. Sign up for ExpressVPN and install the app on your preferred device, whether it's your phone, tablet, or television.

2. Connect to one of the servers located in the countries where "The Great Raid" is available on Netflix. You can try servers in the Netherlands, Belgium or any other region mentioned by the provider.

3. Open up Netflix and start streaming "The Great Raid" right away! With ExpressVPN, you can enjoy this action-packed war film from the comfort of your own home, transcending geographical restrictions and immersing yourself in a captivating cinematic experience.

Unlock "The Great Raid" on Amazon Prime in Pakistan

Want to watch "The Great Raid" on Amazon Prime in Pakistan? While the movie may not be immediately available in your region, fear not! You can still unlock it and enjoy this thrilling war film with just a few simple steps.

Amazon Prime offers different content libraries depending on the country you are accessing it from. Fortunately, with the help of ExpressVPN, you can change your virtual location and gain access to a wide array of movies and shows, including "The Great Raid."

Here are some of the countries where "The Great Raid" is available on Amazon Prime:

  • Amazon Prime: Paramount+ channel (France)

To unlock and watch "The Great Raid" on Amazon Prime in Pakistan, follow these simple steps:

  1. Sign up for ExpressVPN and install the app on your device.
  2. Connect to a server located in a country where "The Great Raid" is available, such as France.
  3. Open up Amazon Prime, search for the movie, and start watching it right now!

With ExpressVPN, you can seamlessly change your virtual location and unlock a world of entertainment. Don't miss out on the opportunity to experience the gripping story of "The Great Raid" on Amazon Prime, no matter where you are!

HBO Max: Where Action Comes to Life

We're sorry to break the news, but "The Great Raid" is not available on HBO Max in Pakistan, or any other country for that matter. But don't despair just yet! There's still hope to embark on this thrilling cinematic journey.

Although this movie isn't currently streaming on HBO Max, it's important to keep in mind that streaming rights can change. So, it might just make an appearance on the platform in the future. However, if you're itching to watch "The Great Raid" right now, we have a few other options up our sleeve that might just do the trick.

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Stream "The Great Raid" on Disney+

For all you Disney+ enthusiasts out there, we have some unfortunate news. Currently, "The Great Raid" is not available on Disney+ in any country worldwide. But hey, don't lose hope just yet! There might be another streaming service in your arsenal that can provide you with the epic wartime action you crave. So keep reading to explore other avenues to enjoy this incredible film.

Purchase or Rent "The Great Raid" in Pakistan

If you're eager to watch "The Great Raid" right away, we've got you covered. While streaming options for renting or purchasing this movie within the country are currently unavailable, fear not! You can still enjoy this thrilling war film through various streaming services outside Pakistan. All you need is a reliable VPN like ExpressVPN to unlock these worldwide options and embark on your movie night.

  • No streaming options for rent within the country
  • No streaming options for purchase within the country

So, what are you waiting for? Simply open up your preferred streaming app, choose one of the available options, make the payment, and start watching "The Great Raid" right now. With ExpressVPN by your side, you can stream this incredible movie from wherever it's available around the globe.

How to watch The Great Raid in Pakistan today

Sign up for ExpressVPN and watch The Great Raid in Canada in 3 quick steps

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Step 1

Install the ExpressVPN app and create an account.

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Step 2

Choose an ExpressVPN server in a country with the movie/show

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Step 3

Open your usual streaming app (Netflix, Disney+, etc) on your device and enjoy your show!

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Planning a Legendary Raid

In the closing months of World War II, the American forces are inching closer to the Japanese-occupied Philippines. Amidst the chaos and desperation, a notorious POW camp located in Cabanatuan becomes the focus of a daring rescue mission that will go down in history as "The Great Raid." This captivating war film takes us on a thrilling journey filled with courage, sacrifice, and the relentless pursuit of freedom.

Inspired by true events, "The Great Raid" brings to light the immense suffering endured by around 500 American soldiers who survived the Bataan Death March only to be subjected to unimaginable horrors in the Cabanatuan prison camp. The Japanese captors show no mercy, inflicting brutal treatment and summary executions upon the captives. But hope remains alive as American forces rally to liberate their comrades before it's too late.

Summoning a group of elite soldiers from the 6th Ranger Battalion, led by the determined Lieutenant-Colonel Henry Mucci, a plan is set into motion. Assisted by Filipino guerrillas and the courageous Alamo Scouts, the Rangers embark on a perilous journey to infiltrate the heavily guarded prison and rescue the prisoners of war. Throughout the film, we witness the interwoven stories of the POWs, the strategic planning of the rescue operation, and the resistance work of individuals like nurse Margaret Utinsky, who risked everything to provide medicine to the suffering prisoners.

Behind the Scenes of "The Great Raid"

"The Great Raid" is a war film directed by the talented John Dahl, known for his work on movies like "Rounders" and "Joy Ride." But what sets this film apart is its incredible ensemble cast, featuring Benjamin Bratt, James Franco, Connie Nielsen, Marton Csokas, Joseph Fiennes, and more.

The production of "The Great Raid" took place from July 4 to November 6, 2002, spanning over four months. However, due to various delays, the film's release was pushed back multiple times from its initial target of fall 2003. Despite the setbacks, the film eventually made its way to the screen, providing audiences with a captivating portrayal of true events from World War II.

While the film didn't receive overwhelming critical acclaim, it still managed to capture the attention of viewers who appreciated its action-packed sequences, emotional depth, and historical significance. It's a hidden gem that deserves recognition in the war film genre, offering a refreshing take on a lesser-known chapter of history.

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Director: John Dahl

Writer: Carlo Bernard, Doug Miro, and Joseph T. Chianese (screenplay)


- Benjamin Bratt as Lt. Col. Mucci: Bratt brings depth and intensity to his portrayal of Lieutenant Colonel Mucci, the leader of the 6th Ranger Battalion. You may recognize him from his roles in "Miss Congeniality" and "Traffic."

- James Franco as Captain Prince: Franco shines as Captain Prince, an integral part of the rescue mission. He has starred in numerous films, including "127 Hours" and the "Spider-Man" trilogy.

- Connie Nielsen as Margaret Utinsky: Nielsen delivers a remarkable performance as Margaret Utinsky, the nurse who risks everything to help the POWs. You might know her from her role in "Gladiator" or the TV series "The Following."

- Marton Csokas as Colonel Mucci: Csokas captivates us with his portrayal of Colonel Mucci, highlighting the challenges faced by the leader of the 6th Ranger Battalion. He has appeared in movies such as "The Lord of the Rings" series and "Aeon Flux."

- Joseph Fiennes as Major Gibson: Fiennes adds depth to his character Major Gibson, a crucial member of the rescue operation. He is known for his roles in "Shakespeare in Love" and the TV series "The Handmaid's Tale."

Raid Your Streaming Services: How to Catch "The Great Raid" in Pakistan

Ready to embark on a high-stakes mission behind enemy lines? "The Great Raid" is here to deliver an adrenaline-pumping cinematic experience that is sure to leave action enthusiasts satisfied. With a captivating plot based on true events during World War II, this film offers a thrilling rollercoaster of emotions and heroic deeds. Although critics may not have been fully on board, we're giving it a solid four-star rating for its gripping storytelling and heartwarming portrayal of valor.

Now, let's get down to business and explore the various ways you can watch "The Great Raid" right in the comfort of your own home in Pakistan. As with any treasure worth pursuing, it's essential to navigate the complex terrain of streaming services to find your key to unlocking this brilliant film.

If, by some stroke of luck, "The Great Raid" is readily available on your favorite streaming platform, congrats! You're about to embark on an epic cinematic journey without any detours. However, if your current subscriptions are falling short, fear not, for we have a secret weapon up our sleeves: ExpressVPN.

By harnessing the power of ExpressVPN, you gain the ability to bypass geographical restrictions and discover a world of entertainment that was previously out of reach. Simply sign up for ExpressVPN, connect to a server in a country where "The Great Raid" is available on streaming platforms, and voila! You'll be ready to experience all the heart-pounding action and heroism this film has to offer.

So, don't let regional limitations hold you back. Join the ranks of movie enthusiasts who have harnessed the power of ExpressVPN and are now enjoying a vast selection of content from around the globe. Take the plunge, sign up today, and prepare to witness the triumph of courage and humanity in "The Great Raid."

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