What's New on Netflix Pakistan: New Releases

New Releases for Netflix Pakistan

This list lets you start with today's releases and then go "back in time" to see previous movie and tv show releases for Netflix Pakistan.

Is The Master's Sun on Netflix Pakistan?

The Master's Sun: Season 1

A woman who sees ghosts pairs with the materialistic head of a conglomerate to help each other out of jams as their hearts and lives become entangled. A woman sees dead people. Her boss sees dollar signs. Opposites better attract -- these two need each other.

Details: The Master's Sun: Season 1

Is Jugaad on Netflix Pakistan?


Following the stories of five diverse individuals, this documentary offers a glimpse into the indomitable tenacity of several Mumbai residents. From a transgender activist to a gossip blogger, anyone can live in this city. But it takes true grit to survive.

Details: Jugaad

Is Follow This on Netflix Pakistan?

Follow This: Part 3

Follow the reporters at BuzzFeed as they probe topics ranging from quirky internet crazes to safe injection spaces for opioid users. YouTube whisperers. Sophisticated fake news. Rehab tourism. Discover the stories ... and the reporting behind them.

Details: Follow This: Part 3

Is Edmilson Filho: Notas, Comedy about... on Netflix Pakistan?

Edmilson Filho: Notas, Comedy about...

Brazilian comedian Edmilson Filho walks his audience through the stages of a modern relationship, playing up the differences between men and women. Russian poetry as a pickup tool. How to get over someone in three days. This comedian has relationship advice in spades.

Details: Edmilson Filho: Notas, Comedy about...

Is Fences on Netflix Pakistan?


A once-promising baseball player who was denied a shot at the big leagues because of his race comes to terms with his life in 1950s Pittsburgh. Bitter secrets and long-held grudges come to the surface as one man fights his past to provide for his family.

Details: Fences

Is The Royal Tutor on Netflix Pakistan?

The Royal Tutor: Season 1

An enigmatic professor who's often mistaken for a child is hired to tutor four problem princes who'd rather do anything but study with a teacher. These brothers can be a royal pain, but he's here to respectfully whip them into shape.

Details: The Royal Tutor: Season 1

Is Mundeyan Ton Bachke Rahin on Netflix Pakistan?

Mundeyan Ton Bachke Rahin

When they both fall for the same girl, best pals and shameless womanizers Prince and Jassi go head-to-head to compete for her love.

Details: Mundeyan Ton Bachke Rahin

Is Satyagraha on Netflix Pakistan?


In this Bollywood drama, a corporate go-getter sees his priorities shift when personal tragedy brings him face-to-face with political corruption. Determined to expose the problem, he foments a national protest and makes enemies along the way.

Details: Satyagraha

Is Edge of Fear on Netflix Pakistan?

Edge of Fear

During a wilderness getaway, a gang of sociopathic criminals kidnap a woman and assault her husband, who must summon all his strength to save her. His friend has been murdered. His wife kidnapped. And he's been left for dead. Can he save his love before it's too late?

Details: Edge of Fear

Is Oye Lucky! Lucky Oye! on Netflix Pakistan?

Oye Lucky! Lucky Oye!

As a child, Lucky (Abhay Deol) aspired to get out of the West Delhi slum where his family lived. Starting out as a petty thief, he rises to become one of the city's biggest operators and carves out the kind of lifestyle he'd once only dreamed of. But despite his outrageous wealth and freewheeling ways, Lucky longs for something that he can't steal: respectability. Paresh Rawal and Neetu Chandra also star.

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