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Netflix Philippines: New Releases for August 4, 2020

This list shows the Netflix titles released on a specific day in the Philippines.

Netflix released 21 movies and 1 brand new show today.

Jessica, a cop, is more dedicated to her job than most of her colleagues, as she feels she has a lot to make up for: Her father was a serial killer.

Psychological Thrillers, Crime Movies, Thriller Movies, Mysteries, Crime Thrillers, US Movies
Director(s): Philip Kaufman
Actors: Ashley Judd, Samuel L. Jackson, Andy Garcia, David Strathairn, Russell Wong, Camryn Manheim, Mark Pellegrino, Titus Welliver, D.W. Moffett, Richard T. Jones, Leland Orser, William Hall

Raised on an ashram in India, a self-styled love guru returns to his native America to settle a romantic rivalry between two pro hockey players. He wants to be the biggest love guru in the self-help universe. First, he'll actually have to help somebody.

Sports Movies, Satires, Sports Comedies, Comedies, US Movies
Director(s): Marco Schnabel
Actors: Mike Myers, Jessica Alba, Justin Timberlake, Ben Kingsley, Romany Malco, Meagan Good, Verne Troyer, Omid Djalili, Telma Hopkins
Interstellar Den of Thieves Love the Coopers Escape Room

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Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels Tomb Raider Shameless (U.S.) San Andreas

When terrorists attack the tallest building in the world, a security consultant will do anything to save his family from the carnage. When you’re a bad guy, and you're 225 stories up, you don’t want to get caught between The Rock and a hard place.

Action & Adventure, Action Thrillers
Director(s): Rawson Marshall Thurber
Actors: Dwayne Johnson, Neve Campbell, Chin Han, Roland Møller, Noah Taylor, Byron Mann, Pablo Schreiber, McKenna Roberts, Noah Cottrell, Hannah Quinlivan, Adrian Holmes

In separate tales, a man enlists the help of the deceased to improve his love life, and two buddies witness strange encounters during in-camp training.

Dark Comedies, Comedies, Horror Movies, Horror Comedies, Singaporean Movies
Director(s): Boris Boo, Mark Lee
Actors: Henry Thia, Mark Lee, John Cheng, Wang Lei, Dennis Chew, Chua En Lai, David Bala, Suhaimi Yusof

When a man she falls for proposes to meet every leap year, a dreamer clings to her calendar as twists and turns arise over the course of two decades.

Romantic Movies, Movies Based on Books, Singaporean Movies
Director(s): Jean Yeo
Actors: Wong Li Lin, Ananda Everingham, Qi Yu Wu, Joan Chen, Vernetta Lopez, Paula Malai Ali, Nadya Hutagalung, Jason Chan, Tracy Tan

After hitting the jackpot , three friends and gambling addicts scramble to outwit each other in zany schemes that jeopardize their friendship.

Dramas, Comedies, Singaporean Movies
Director(s): Jack Neo
Actors: Richard Low, Mark Lee, Christopher Lee, Chen Liping, Joanne Peh, Margaret Lee

Goaded by an old mahjong nemesis, now an insufferable and ruthless world champion, a shop owner considers a return to the table to settle the score. Once, he ran the table. Now, he runs a restaurant. Will he take on an old rival in one last championship mahjong match?

Comedies, Singaporean Movies
Director(s): Adrian Teh
Actors: Chapman To, Mark Lee, Michelle Ye, Venus Wong, Adrian Tan, Cheronna Ng, Richard Low, Patricia Mok, Dennis Chew, Eric Tsang, Lenna Lim

Amid wedding arrangements, a groom from a humble background scrambles to mollify his wealthy in-laws and foot the bill for the lavish banquet.

Romantic Dramas, Romantic Comedies, Dramas, Comedies, Romantic Movies, Singaporean Movies
Director(s): Adrian Teh
Actors: Tan Kheong-seong, Elanne Kwong, Kara Wai, Zhu Houren, Marcus Chin, Shaun Chen, Chris Tong

Drs. Chris and Xand van Tulleken take an entertaining approach to educate children about medicine and biology through experiments and hospital visits.

TV Comedies, Education for Kids, Kids' TV, British TV Shows
Actors: Chris van Tulleken, Xand van Tulleken

A teen thinks her dead mother's ghost is behind a series of strange occurrences at home, but her suspicion soon shifts to her father's new wife.

Horror Movies, Singaporean Movies
Director(s): Gilbert Chan
Actors: Chen Hanwei, Carmen Soo, Jayley Woo, Cecilia Heng, Vincent Tee, Russell Ong, Ming Bridges, Jonathan Lim, Naomi Neo, Vanessa Lee

After his son's kidnapping, a taxi driver resorts to extreme measures to pay the ransom, but the unrelenting captor drives him down a different path.

Action & Adventure, Crime Movies, Crime Action & Adventure, Action Thrillers, Singaporean Movies
Director(s): Kelvin Tong
Actors: Christopher Lee, Jack Lim, Phyllis Quek, Jerald Tan, Regene Lim

A mother struggling with grief seeks the help of a former caregiver in retrieving her dead son's soul, but strange and deadly occurrences soon follow.

Horror Movies, Movies Based on Books, Singaporean Movies
Director(s): Lee Thean-jeen
Actors: Jesseca Liu, Liu Ling Ling, Jacko Chiang, Eelyn Kok, Shawn Tan, Yeo Thiam Hock, Junior Tan, Tjoa Shyet Teng, Jennifer Ebron, Timothy Law

The stories of three people looking for love and physical connection are interwoven in playfully raunchy tales revolving around condoms.

Dark Comedies, Romantic Comedies, Comedies, Independent Movies, Romantic Movies, Romantic Independent Movies, Singaporean Movies
Director(s): Han Yew Kwang
Actors: Alaric Tay, Shu An Oon, Marcus Chin, Catherine Sng, Yeo Yann Yann, Julian Hee, Lee Chau Min, Kym Ng, Han Yew Kwang, Gillian Tan

A young hijab-wearing woman defies tradition and her strict Muslim mother to pursue her dream of becoming a professional wrestler.

Sports Movies, Sports Comedies, Dramas, Comedies, Independent Movies, Sports Dramas, Singaporean Movies
Director(s): Raihan Halim
Actors: Izyan Mellyna, Fauzie Laily, Mastura Ahmad, Jimmy Taenaka, Osman Zailani, Adlina Adil, Gloria Tan, Joanne-Marie Sim, Abigail Chay

Two feuding bak kwa shop owners — formerly lovers — prepare to roast each other in a competition that embroils their respective families.

Comedies, Slapstick Comedies, Singaporean Movies
Director(s): Han Yew Kwang
Actors: Ha Yu, Irene Ang, Mindee Ong, Pamelyn Chee, Stanly Hsu, Josh Lai, Alvin Wong, Alaric Tay, Adele Wong, Marcus Chin

A caregiver tries to re-create a savory dish from her lonely and testy employer's late wife in efforts to break down the emotional barrier between them.

Dramas, Independent Movies, Music & Musicals, Singaporean Movies
Director(s): Sanif Olek
Actors: Rahim Razali, Aidli Mosbit, Asnida Daud, Hashimah Hamidon, Rafaat Hj Hamzah, Norsiah Ramly

As summer returns to Malibu, Team Flounder takes to the beach to host — and unexpectedly compete in — the International Beachmaster Competition. They’ve trained hard. They’ve saved lives. But can they compete with the best of the best? Time to get back to the beach.

Children & Family Movies, Comedies, Action Comedies, Family Comedies, US Movies
Director(s): Savage Steve Holland
Actors: Ricardo Hurtado, Breanna Yde, Jackie R. Jacobson, Abby Donnelly, Alkoya Brunson, Jeff Meacham, Ella Gross, Carlos Sanson, JT Neal, Camaron Engels, Kirrilee Berger

Comedian and "Saturday Night Live" writer Sam Jay serves up fresh takes on relationships, travel nightmares, the audacity of white people and more. Touring museums on 'shrooms. Taking her girl to meet family. Peeing standing up. Her life is a trip, and there's a lot to unpack.

Dark Comedies, Comedies, Irreverent Stand-Up Comedy, Stand-Up Comedy
Director(s): Kristian Mercado
Actors: Sam Jay

Cory's spending the summer at Camp Friendship with his best friend, Freddie. But jealousy flares when Freddie brings his cousin Rosie along for the ride. From bonfires and fireflies to exploring secret caves, summer at Camp Friendship is so much fun — and Cory can't wait!

Children & Family Movies
Director(s): Stanley Moore, Alex Woo
Actors: Alan C. Lim, Smith Foreman, Abigail Vibat, Pfifer Chastain, Jim Capobianco, Neena-Sinaii Simpo, Eli Morse, Adelaide Hirasaki, Paul Killam, Kerry Gudjohnsen, Maisie Benson

While following their dreams, a squad of Chinese basketball players navigate the challenges of life in Singapore on and off the court.

Sports Movies, Dramas, Sports Dramas, Singaporean Movies
Director(s): Tay Pinghui
Actors: Delvin Goh, Chua Sengjin, Michael Lee, Lim Shengyu, Ian Fang, Ng Hanbin, Zhuyan Manzi

Tumi Morake dishes out hot takes and fiery commentary about the concept of identity, politics, family life, weaves, and more in this stand-up special.

Dark Comedies, Comedies, Stand-Up Comedy
Director(s): Mfanelo Ngoma
Actors: Tumi Morake

Three men from different generations take various paths to finding love as they discover the different sides of romance and passion.

Dramas, Comedies, Singaporean Movies
Director(s): Jack Neo, Gilbert Chan
Actors: Henry Thia, Yeo Yann Yann, Jack Lim, Cheryl Lee, Alex Leong, Natalli Ong