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Netflix Russia: New Releases for August 6, 2020

This list shows the Netflix titles released on a specific day in Russia.

Netflix released 4 movies and 1 brand new show today. There were also 2 seasons of existing shows released.

A bevy of mixed martial arts fighters star in this action thriller that follows a quartet of brawlers as they prepare for a key underground event. Four mixed martial arts fighters work with a maverick trainer. But before they can fight, they have to survive.

Action & Adventure, Dramas, Martial Arts Movies, US Movies
Director(s): Michael Jai White
Actors: Michael Jai White, Dean Geyer, Alex Meraz, Todd Duffee, Scottie Epstein, Jillian Murray, Evan Peters, Stacey Asaro, Gralen Bryant Banks, Rus Blackwell

Newlyweds move to the family thoroughbred horse ranch, where the husband's obsessive mother resolves to get rid of her new daughter-in-law. You thought your mother-in-law was bad? Wait until you meet hers.

Psychological Thrillers, Thrillers
Director(s): Jonathan Darby
Actors: Jessica Lange, Gwyneth Paltrow, Johnathon Schaech, Nina Foch, Debi Mazar, Kaiulani Lee, David Thornton, Hal Holbrook, Richard Lineback, Richard Kohn
Den of Thieves Your Name The Conjuring 2 John Wick: Chapter 2

Here are a few movies and shows you can't watch in Russia without a VPN.

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Escape Room Deadpool Premonition Grey's Anatomy

After a raging bachelor party, three guys wake up in a strange world and realize they're on a train headed for the deadly Hungover Games. They wanted the time of their lives. What they got was a hilarious pop-parody nightmare. Be careful what you wish for!

Director(s): Josh Stolberg
Actors: Ben Begley, Ross Nathan, Herbert Russell, Rita Volk, John Livingston, Robert Wagner, Caitlyn Jenner, Hank Baskett, Brandi Glanville, Camille Grammer, Kyle Richards, Dat Phan, Tara Reid, Jonathan Silverman

Drs. Chris and Xand van Tulleken take an entertaining approach to educate children about medicine and biology through experiments and hospital visits.

TV Comedies, Education for Kids, Kids' TV, British TV Shows
Actors: Chris van Tulleken, Xand van Tulleken

When a kingdom is taken over by tyrants, the deposed princess begins a quest to find a disbanded group of evil knights to help take back her realm. If you're gonna fight evil, you'd better find the evilest guys to fight with you. It's one princess's best shot.

Tumi Morake dishes out hot takes and fiery commentary about the concept of identity, politics, family life, weaves, and more in this stand-up special.

Dark Comedies, Comedies, Stand-Up Comedy
Director(s): Mfanelo Ngoma
Actors: Tumi Morake

Six years after a rain-borne virus wipes out most of Scandinavia's population, two siblings join a band of young survivors seeking safety — and answers. The rain is deadly. So are strangers. To survive in this treacherous new world, they'll need to stick together.