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New Releases List for Netflix Thailand

This list lets you start with today's releases and then go "back in time" to see previous movie and tv show releases on Netflix Thailand.

Haunted by her past, a talented singer with a rising career copes with the pressure of success, a mother's disdain and the voices of doubt within her.

Music, Social Issue Dramas, Dramas, Hindi-Language Movies, Indian
Director(s): Anvitaa Dutt
Actors: Triptii Dimri, Swastika Mukherjee, Babil Khan, Amit Sial, Sameer Kochhar, Girija Oak, Swanand Kirkire, Tasveer Kamil, Varun Grover, Veera Kapur Ee

Featuring interviews with his accomplices and victims alike, this deep dive explores how a master con man scammed French elites out of millions of euros.

Crime Movies, True Crime Documentaries, Documentary Films
Director(s): Yvann Yagchi, Dominic Sivyer
Sean eternos: Campeones de América Singleholic Where the Crawdads Sing Fifty Shades Darker

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Hacksaw Ridge Dr. Seuss' The Grinch House of 1,000 Corpses Pokémon Ultimate Journeys: The Series

When an explosion in the Norwegian mountains awakens an ancient troll, officials appoint a fearless paleontologist to stop it from wreaking deadly havoc.

Action & Adventure, Norwegian
Director(s): Roar Uthaug
Actors: Ine Marie Wilmann, Kim Falck, Mads Sjøgård Pettersen, Gard B. Eidsvold, Karoline Viktoria Sletteng Garvang, Yusuf Toosh Ibra, Bjarne Hjelde, Anneke von der Lippe, Dennis Storhøi, Fridtjov Såheim

A group of people sharing a ride accidentally switches cars with a bank robber, who then pursues them to retrieve the stolen money he left in the trunk.

TV Comedies, TV Thrillers, Polish
Actors: Juliusz Chrząstowski, Łukasz Garlicki, Anna Ilczuk, Jaśmina Polak, Michał Sikorski, Maja Wolska

The unstoppable acceleration of time brings the universe full circle. Emporio awakes in Green Dolphin Street Prison, and humanity enters a new world.

Father Pucchi's new Stand Maiden Heaven overwhelms Jolyne's group with its sheer speed. Anastasia acts as bait while Jotaro prepares to attack.

After shafts of bright light shine from Father Pucchi, Jolyne and her companions awake to find that he is gone and gravity has returned to normal.

Although See Moon has inverted Jolyne, Father Pucchi senses that she is still alive and pursues her in hopes of ending the Joestar bloodline for good.

Jolyne struggles against Father Pucchi's new Stand See Moon, a combination of Pale Snake and The Green Baby, which can invert anything it touches.

With Weather Forecast's Stand disc in hand, Jolyne and her allies head to Cape Canaveral in pursuit of Father Pucchi, whose body begins to change.