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The Ultimate Guide to Watching The World of the Married in the United Kingdom

The Ultimate Guide to Watching The World of the Married in the United Kingdom

Anthony Penner
Anthony Penner
July 10, 2023

Hey there, fellow streamers! Today, we're diving into the captivating and thrilling world of "The World of the Married" - a South Korean television series that has taken the streaming world by storm. In this article, we're going to explore the various ways you can stream this addictive drama right here in the United Kingdom. So, buckle up, grab some popcorn, and let's get started!

First things first, let's talk about why "The World of the Married" is worth your time. Picture this: a seemingly perfect marriage, shattered by betrayal, leading to a whirlwind of revenge, grief, forgiveness, and healing. It's like a Korean version of "Doctor Foster," with a splash of intensity and gripping storytelling that will leave you craving for more. Trust me, if you're a fan of heart-pounding dramas with incredible performances, this one is right up your alley.

The series has not only captured the hearts of viewers but has also made history in Korean cable television. With its jaw-dropping twists and turns, it has become the highest-rated drama in Korean cable television history, breaking records previously held by "Sky Castle." And let's not forget the critical acclaim for its screenplay, direction, and powerhouse acting performances. As we venture into the different ways you can stream this show, get ready to dive into a world where love, betrayal, and redemption collide in the most captivating ways imaginable.

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Streaming Services in United Kingdom

Alright, here's the deal. As of now, there are no streaming services in the United Kingdom that offer "The World of the Married." I know, it's a major bummer for all the fans eager to dive into the intense world of this series. But fear not, my fellow streamers! There's still a glimmer of hope to catch this gripping drama.

Hold on to your seats because here's where ExpressVPN comes to the rescue. With ExpressVPN, you can unlock a world of possibilities, quite literally. By using their fantastic service, you may be able to access streaming platforms from different countries where "The World of the Married" is available. It's like having a virtual passport to international streaming goodness! More on how to make it happen in the upcoming sections, so don't give up just yet.

Unlock "The World of the Married" on Netflix in the United Kingdom

So, you're all set to dive into the gripping world of "The World of the Married" on Netflix, only to find out it's not available in the United Kingdom. But fear not, my fellow streamer! With a little help from ExpressVPN, you can unlock this addictive series and start binge-watching pronto.

Netflix, being the provider of this thrilling drama, offers different content in different countries. While "The World of the Married" may not be readily available in the UK catalog, you'll be pleased to know that it's accessible in several other countries. These include Netflix in Japan, India, South Korea, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Indonesia. Additionally, in Japan and South Korea, you can also find it on Netflix with ads.

So, how can you get in on the action? Follow these three simple steps:

  1. Sign up for ExpressVPN and install the app on your preferred device, whether it's your phone, tablet, or even your television. ExpressVPN is a reliable and secure VPN service that will allow you to change your virtual location and access content from around the globe.
  2. Connect to a server located in one of the countries where "The World of the Married" is available on Netflix. For example, you can try connecting to a server in Japan or South Korea.
  3. Open up Netflix, search for "The World of the Married," and voila! You're now ready to immerse yourself in the dramatic twists and turns of this thrilling series.

So, grab your virtual passport, fire up ExpressVPN, and get ready to unlock a whole new world of entertainment right at your fingertips.

Unlock "The World of the Married" on Amazon Prime in United Kingdom

So, you're an Amazon Prime subscriber eagerly waiting to sink your teeth into "The World of the Married," but it's not available in the United Kingdom. Don't worry, my fellow streaming aficionados, because I've got a nifty trick up my sleeve to unlock this gem for you.

Amazon Prime, being the versatile provider it is, offers different content libraries in different countries, and luckily for us, "The World of the Married" is available on Amazon Prime in Japan and India! Now, you must be wondering how you can access these international libraries, right? Well, let me introduce you to our MVP (Most Valuable Player) in this streaming game - ExpressVPN!

With ExpressVPN, you can easily change your virtual location and unlock "The World of the Married." Here's how:

  1. Sign-up for ExpressVPN and install the app on your preferred device - be it your phone, tablet, or television.
  2. Connect to a server in either Japan or India, where Amazon Prime has this fantastic series available.
  3. Open up Amazon Prime and voila! You're ready to immerse yourself in the gripping world of "The World of the Married."

With ExpressVPN, you can unleash the full potential of your existing Amazon Prime subscription and transport yourself to a country where this captivating series awaits. So, don't let geographical boundaries hold you back - start streaming "The World of the Married" right away!

HBO Max: No Love for "The World of the Married"

Grab the remote and get ready to stream some exciting content on HBO Max... just not "The World of the Married." Unfortunately, this gripping drama is not currently available on the HBO Max streaming platform in any country worldwide. But fear not, my fellow streamers, there's still hope to get your fix of this addicting series.

As we all know, sometimes a show or movie doesn't make it to a particular streaming service due to various reasons. It could be that the rights belong to another streaming provider, or perhaps negotiations are still in the works. Regardless, don't throw in the towel just yet! There may be another streaming service in your arsenal that offers "The World of the Married." So, let's keep browsing through the options and see where else we can find this thrilling series.

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Stream "The World of the Married" on Disney+

Hey there, Disney+ fans! We know how much you love your favorite Disney movies and shows, but unfortunately, "The World of the Married" is not currently available on the magical streaming service in any country worldwide. But fear not, because there may still be hope for you to catch this gripping series!

It's no secret that streaming rights can get a little messy sometimes. While Disney+ offers an incredible catalogue of content, there are certain movies and shows that belong to other streaming providers. So, if you're eager to watch "The World of the Married," we suggest checking out the other sections below to see if it's available on a streaming platform you already have.

Remember, the streaming world is ever-evolving, and new opportunities may arise in the future. So, keep an eye out for any potential developments regarding "The World of the Married" on Disney+. In the meantime, let's explore other ways you can embark on this thrilling journey.

Where to Buy or Rent "The World of the Married" in the United Kingdom

Unfortunately, when it comes to renting or purchasing "The World of the Married" in the United Kingdom, there are currently no streaming options available within the country. But fear not, because we have some workarounds that will still allow you to enjoy this incredible series from the comfort of your own screen!

  • No streaming options for rent within the country
  • No streaming options for purchase within the country

Now, even though the usual streaming platforms may not offer the show for rent or purchase, you don't have to give up just yet. If you're determined to dive into the captivating world of "The World of the Married," all you need is your existing streaming app and a little help from ExpressVPN to unlock the possibilities!

Just open up your streaming app, make the payment, and start watching right now with ExpressVPN. It's like accessing a hidden treasure trove of remarkable content that would otherwise remain out of reach. So, get ready to experience the gripping saga and embark on an emotional rollercoaster like no other!

How to watch The World of the Married in United Kingdom today

Sign up for ExpressVPN and watch The World of the Married in Canada in 3 quick steps

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Step 1

Install the ExpressVPN app and create an account.

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Step 2

Choose an ExpressVPN server in a country with the movie/show

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Step 3

Open your usual streaming app (Netflix, Disney+, etc) on your device and enjoy your show!

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The World of Betrayal, Revenge, and Healing.

In "The World of the Married," we are introduced to the seemingly perfect life of Ji Seon-u (played by the brilliant Kim Hee-ae), a respected family medicine doctor and the associate director at Family Love Hospital. She is married to Lee Tae-oh (portrayed by the talented Park Hae-joon), an aspiring director, and together they have a son named Lee Jun-yeong (played by the young and promising Jeon Jin-seo).

However, just like in any good drama, things are not as idyllic as they seem. Seon-u's world comes crashing down when she discovers that her husband is having an affair with a woman named Yeo Da-kyung (played by the mesmerizing Han So-hee). As a whirlwind of emotions engulfs Seon-u, she finds herself caught in a web of betrayal, revenge, and ultimately, healing.

The series delves deep into the complex dynamics of relationships, exploring the consequences of infidelity and its impact on individuals, families, and the society around them. As Seon-u navigates the tumultuous path of uncovering the truth and seeking redemption, we are taken on a journey filled with twists, suspense, and moments of raw emotion. The story keeps us on the edge of our seats as we witness the consequences of secrets, the power of forgiveness, and the strength of the human spirit.

The Behind-the-Scenes Magic

Now, let's peel back the curtain and take a glimpse into the production of "The World of the Married." This series, based on the hit BBC One drama series "Doctor Foster," brings a fresh perspective to the story, captivating viewers with its own unique twists and turns.

One of the standout aspects of this series is the incredible talent behind the camera. Director Mo Wan-il masterfully brings the story to life, skillfully navigating the delicate balance between tension, emotion, and raw human drama. His direction elevates every scene, immersing us in the turbulent world of the married couple.

And let's not forget the brilliant performances from the cast. Kim Hee-ae shines as Ji Seon-u, the family medicine doctor who undergoes a rollercoaster of emotions as she discovers her husband's infidelity. Her portrayal is raw, authentic, and emotionally charged, earning her the well-deserved recognition of Best Actress at the 56th Baeksang Arts Awards.

But it's not just the amazing performances that have garnered attention. "The World of the Married" has also sparked discussions and debates due to its portrayal of sex and violence. While some criticized the explicit content, it's an integral part of the narrative, adding depth and realism to the character's emotional journeys. Love it or hate it, this series is bold, unapologetic, and unafraid to push boundaries.

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Meet the Cast

Now let's introduce you to the talented cast who bring "The World of the Married" to life:

Kim Hee-ae as Ji Seon-u: Kim Hee-ae delivers a powerful performance as Ji Seon-u, a respected family medicine doctor whose life takes an unexpected turn when she discovers her husband's betrayal. You may recognize Kim Hee-ae from her roles in the films "The Flu" and "Thread of Lies," as well as the acclaimed drama series "Secret Love Affair."

Park Hae-joon as Lee Tae-oh: Park Hae-joon portrays Lee Tae-oh, an aspiring director who succumbs to temptation and has an affair with Yeo Da-kyung. Park Hae-joon has also appeared in the films "By Quantum Physics: A Nightlife Venture" and "The Last Princess," and the drama series "Arthdal Chronicles."

Han So-hee as Yeo Da-kyung: Han So-hee shines in the role of Yeo Da-kyung, the woman who comes between Ji Seon-u and Lee Tae-oh. Han So-hee has previously appeared in the drama series "100 Days My Prince" and "Money Flower."

Park Sun-young as Go Ye-rim: Park Sun-young takes on the role of Go Ye-rim, a close friend and confidante of Ji Seon-u. Park Sun-young has appeared in popular dramas such as "Doctor Stranger" and "Witch's Love."

Kim Young-min as Son Je-hyuk: Kim Young-min portrays Son Je-hyuk, a doctor and colleague of Ji Seon-u. Kim Young-min is known for his roles in the films "Unstoppable" and "The Age of Shadows," and the dramas "The King 2 Hearts" and "My Beautiful Bride."

The World of the Married: A Rollercoaster of Betrayal and Redemption

Now that we've explored the incredible journey that "The World of the Married" takes us on, it's time for my humble opinion. Picture me holding up a metaphorical scorecard, revealing a rating that reflects just how hooked I was on this gripping series. While I won't outright mention a numerical value, let's just say it's pretty darn close to perfection.

This intense rollercoaster of a show expertly weaves a storyline saturated with heartbreak, vengeance, and ultimately, the power of forgiveness. The performances by the talented cast are top-notch, plunging you deep into the emotional turbulences of their lives. Each episode leaves you craving for more, pondering over the complicated dynamics of love, trust, and the consequences of betrayal. It's like watching an addicting blend of "Gone Girl" and "Big Little Lies," but with a distinctly Korean flavor.

Now, here's the cherry on top, my friends. If you're sitting in the United Kingdom, eagerly waiting to dive into "The World of the Married," but can't find it on your streaming platforms, fear not. There's a solution that doesn't require searching high and low or resorting to illegal methods. All you need to do is sign up for ExpressVPN, and voila – you can unlock a whole world of streaming possibilities.

ExpressVPN works its magic by masking your location, making it appear to the streaming platforms as if you're browsing from a location where "The World of the Married" is available. Simply put, it opens doors to a treasure trove of content. So, if this captivating drama is calling your name, don't hesitate to give ExpressVPN a whirl. Sign up today and embark on this thrilling journey.

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