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Title: Spycraft

Spycraft (2021)

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Have you ever wondered how realistic spy movies are? Do they really use all those gadgets? Do people really fall for staged romances? Can you really be observed from miles away? What makes the perfect candidate for being a spy anyway? Spycraft, an 8 episode series on Netflix, has all of these answers and more.

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Spycraft goes beyond the flashy gadgets and James Bond-esque suave air of mystery to explore how the evolution of technology has changed the spy game over recent decades. With an in-depth look at weapons, surveillance techniques, encryption and special ops this series is fascinating and terrifying as it reveals just how much of our personal information is ripe for the taking for anyone with a little bit of know how.

Each episode carries interviews with historians and experts who discuss some of the most intriguing ops of the past while highlighting the scope of skills and technology it takes to complete missions. From cameras that are so small that they are virtual undetectable, to listening devices that can withstand the force of a bullet to massive satellites designed to record high quality images from space – all of these technologies and more are broken down in this series.

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It is not just technology that has change, though. While this series is fairly heavy on the pro-American point of view, it doesn’t take away from the interesting commentary on how espionage has evolved over time. Experts comment on shifting relationships between countries and allies as they compete for information and the global upper hand.

In the end, it’s not only technology and opportunity that contribute to spy mastery; it’s having the right people work with you. Whether they are recruited out of law enforcement training or they volunteer to be an asset in the field, the right people, with the right combination of skill and confidence, can be the difference makers when it comes to the spy game. The final episode of the series breaks down what it takes to be a successful spy and it’s not what you may think.

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With reenactments, stock footage and engaging narration, Spycraft is a binge-worthy non-fiction series. It has just the right combination of intrigue, storytelling and cool science to satisfy even the most hardcore techies while being more than capable of holding the attention of those new the the espionage game.

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